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      My Love and Best Friend


         I would have never known till this day that the man that i had been very good friends with is the one that i would fall madly in love with. I had been seeing someone else at the time. My partner at the time was not so nice and did not treat me the way that he should have. My friend had seen that. We both worked together and my partner. My friend was the one always able to see when something was wrong because I was never quiet and when I was that meant something bad happened. My friend new me so well that when I  would tell him nothing he could tell just by looking at me. I was not happy. I eventually left my partner. My best friend and I started to hang out a lot. We started to hang out a lot. he had two beautiful girls. I would always be spending time with him and his children. We started then to go out. We both really loved each other and his children loved me as if I was there actual mother. We were as happy as could be. We had been friend like I said in the beginning but I knew then maybe at some point cause we both had feelings it would go further. I found my true love even though I had gone through a lot to find him. We bot had our ups and downs. No couple is perfect, everyone argues. You will not realize you are in love until the time is near. True love comes to those that wait. I waited and look where I am now. I am still with him and the both of us have many plans for the future together. Him the kids and I want to spend the rest of our lives with each other. 


                                      Written by: Lessandra R.


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