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      Blind care


 lots of people said that love can come from every where but the love that i found come from one place that used to be dear . his name was Leon, he was a junior in high school he was the quarterback at football best looks in school and the top ten in class any girl would go crazy for a guy like Leon . i was in love with him ever since my freshmen year . one day Leon was admitted to the hospital to treat eye infection and because of that Leon can't see until his eyes has healed .the next day i went to sign up for volunteer job at the hospital i know that when I'm around Leon he wouldn't even know that it was me. i came and volunteered at the hospital everyday i  helped with Leon and i can see that he has starting to like me he told me how pretty i must be in real life ,i was glad to hear him say such sweet words one day Leon told me that he loved me and said that he doesn't really care what i look like and that he can't wait to see what i look like . the next day as i was volunteering my usually i noticed that Leon has started to see again his eye has healed that same day i stopped coming to the hospital. back in school i see Leon the usually way but something was different he looked sad one day i came up to him and told him that i was the volunteer he fell in love with .i clinged on to him but  , disappointment on him he thought i was gonna be as pretty as the image he had in the mind , things didn't turn out the way he expected to be i thought he was going to be happy when he see what i looked like he told me that we were never meant to be together and that pretend that i was not the one who was around him the time he was blind i was mad and i cried the rest of the school day ( you said that you will still love me no matter what i looked like ) I'm disappointed i grew heart sick and became so weak . still he didn't really care at least we can still be friends. but i really love him i wonder if Leon were never to regain his sight again would he asked me or or hopefully purposed one day but that dream on marrying him can only remained a thought for now


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