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During the first day of my first year in high school, I got so nervous and at the same time excited. Wondering what would my future hold, what kind of people will I meet, and will I be meeting my one true love? They say romance starts in high school, but I wondered and thought that maybe it's still too early for me and anyway i should still be focusing on my studies and just let fate find true love for me.

During the first week, I was really amazed to see a lot of new faces, new students, new classmates and thought that it would be wonderful to meet new friends. But the truth is, even though i want to meet new people, I hoped that I don't stand out even just a little and just fit in to the crowd and just hoped that my years in high school will be over before I know it. So, instead of mingling with new people, I just went to my old friends and just maintaining the low profile that I wished for. But fate played a little on me.

It started during the second week of class. After our class ended, me and some of my classmates riding the same carpool rushed to the parking area because it started to rain. A friend of my classmate named clara was walking with a new student not far from our carpool and my classmate (who's with me inside the carpool) Mae started calling out Clara. But because of the rain and the students coming out, Clara barely heard Mae calling. So I helped calling out too. Mae told me that Clara was asking for the new guy's number and asked me what do I think about the new guy. I said he was okay, and kind of cute but I didn't show any interest in him. Mae just smiled at me and continued to call out. After a few minutes Clara came in to the carpool and gave Mae Jake's number (the new guy). Three days after when we got in to the carpool Mae borrowed my cellphone. After a while she said she was going to save Jake's number on my phone in case I wanted to know him or what. Not knowing that she was already typing an "I love u" message using my phone and started teasing me. She wondered and paused for a while and asked me who should she send it to. Then she scrolled in my contacts to look for someone. I was not angry, scared or something 'cause I know she was not gonna do it anyway. Then she shouted "I'm gonna send it to Jake", I told her to quit joking and give me back my phone for we're already near our house. But while she was showing me and teasing me that she was gonna press the send button then the carpool had a sudden break because we almost hit a car and when I looked back at Mae, she was looking at me with a shocked face and I started to ask if she was alright. She suddenly gave me back my phone and started apologizing. I asked her why and she said she "didn't mean to" but when the car stopped, her finger pressed the send button. I was just so shocked to hear that and panicked! I tried to calm my self and thought that it was just another joke. when i got home, my cellphone was ringing and Jake was the one who's calling. I didn't know what to do and just left my phone ringing in my bed. My mom got disturbed because of the ringing and told me that if i won't answer it she will! so I just turned my phone off. The next day, I really didn't want to go to school but I have to or my parents will wonder. So when I got to school I thought he wouldn't mind and forget what happened and tried to calm myself again. When I was going up to the stairs a guy called me (he was my classmate before and a friend of Jake) and started to ask me if I like Jake and started teasing me. I said no! and started walking past him. During our break I accompanied my two friends in going to buy snack at the canteen. After buying we decided to go back, but I noticed (and my two friends noticed too) that people are staring at me. There was this group waiting outside and started whispering to each other and one started pointing at me and he said "It's her!" (have I done anything THAT wrong?? I mean I know that Jake's a popular guy and a lot of girls are after him. But what did I do?) so I got scared and started running. (Hilarious, you may think but I really hoped for a nice and quiet high school year but it started out wrong!) My friends started running too and asked me what happened? so I told them everything and they even scolded me for running away, they said I just made it worst!

Every time we'd meet I started going to the opposite direction. I thought it would be for the best and that this issue will just come to an end. But one night, I received a text message. "why are you running away from me? I know what really happened and it's okay with me. Mae told me everything. I'm sorry for causing you some trouble. I really just want to be friends with you". I was amazed, probably because he was really nice just as everyone was saying. So I replied that I was sorry too for also causing misunderstandings and all and it was fine with me to be friends with him.

Time passed by and that was the first and last(?) time we kind of talked to each other. We didn't personally talked and we never texted each other again. Jake became a varsity (and he's really good and popular!) and lots of girls are liking him. Not noticing that I myself is already falling for him! Time passed by and found out that he has someone already and this someone was my close friend during my elementary years. So, I tried to stop whatever I felt for him and even started praying to God to strengthen their relationship and guide them. And as a sign of thanking him for being a friend, I arranged his cubicle (without anyone's permission >.<) and never left a trace who arranged it. Time passed and something was going wrong with their relationship. I heard that the girl was just toying with him and her parents doesn't agree with their relationship. I didn't text him again nor even talked to him or even talked about him to comfort him, I mean i said i was going to forget him and it was just wrong for me to butt in. But a few days later, I noticed that his ex and her friends were kind of looking at me and talking at my back. I didn't mind them but the rumor that his ex was kind of blaming me for stealing her "boyfriend" startled me and I was even blind that people were treating me differently already! (what did I do again??) In the girl's restroom her friends started approaching me and asked if I still like Jake and I answered them immediately NO!

Two years passed and I thought that things are going to be normal again. Until one of my friend introduced me to Jake! I was kind of shocked and I told my friend why did she do that and they knew that I was over him already (or so I thought)? My friend again, kept on bringing me and Jake together and and told me that Jake wants a tutor. (Why me? T.T) Then Jake indeed asked me if I could tutor him. Then suddenly we were already having our daily lunch sessions on me tutoring him. But we did it inside the class and I even asked some of my classmates to help us analyze some questions. It was going well and just kind of a normal friendship until, he asked me out and said that it was the idea of his family as a sign of thank you for making him an honor student (wow, I didn't know I could help a student excel that much in academics!). So I asked him if we could bring along some friends and we did! I didn't considered this as a big deal or something but it kind of spread wrongly to other people..

(to be continued.. sorry for making the story too long.. but you can already put comments on my story ^_^ I'll try to finish my loooong story hehe.. and to tell you the truth, I don't think that i've even reached the half of it. Sorry again! ^^,)


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