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      Two-timed sissy


The moment I stepped in high school, that's also the moment guys went after me. I don't know why. Probably because I grew my hair long, wore lip gloss and became really feminine. Many said I bloomed into a such a beauty. But I don't know. Maybe they were right.


I turned down a lot of guys already. Since I was a girl with too much pride. But when I was in my 2nd year, that's the moment I finally fell for someone. He courted me for a long time. Even though I didn't give him the 'yes' to being his girl, it still seemed like we already were a couple. I gave him my first touch, first kiss, first everything.


Until I saw him one day, kissing another girl inside a classroom. I was devastated. It almost felt like a volcano eruption. I found out that they were already having that so-called boy-girlfriend relationship even before he courted me. It was a shock of my life.


I even found out that that girl already knew about us and that he was just fooling around with me. Thus, that girl kept talking bad about me to others. So i talked to the girl and he found out. He approached us and there, I slapped him right on the face. The girl cried and people were staring. I turned my back so as they'd think that I wasn't at all affected.


But as I got back to the classroom, I cried my eyes out and felt really bad. I regretted everything and thought that if only I stucked to my intuitions.


That night he called me and said sorry. I was still submerged with anger that I didn't give a damn to what he was saying.


All I can say is, I never let that happened again.


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