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iknow there is nothing wrong with loving in silence... i choose to

keepeven though the pain is killing me slowly deep down so that i

can'tdestroy some relationships and i can't hurt someone else.. .

imeet Mr. A through text... i did not expect that the friendshipwe

built with that kind of communication would come this far...atfirst, i

have a strong feeling that he can be trusted...yes! he can...we became

good friends despite the fact that we haven't meetpersonally...we

share secrets and we exchange advices with each otherspecially when we talk about family and love life...we learn a lotfrom each others

experiences and with each others mistakes...we beginto go deep down

knowing our personalities...

iam busy with my studies that time and i never had the chance totalk

to him and meet him personally...we talk on the phone but it isstill

very different in personal...we continue exchanging messageswith each

other but still i have no time to accept his invitationmeeting him


aftersix months, i decided to meet him...but unfortunately i never meethim that it God's will??i ask myself...

finally,we have talk to each other personally through a common

friend(Mr.B)...i never expected that Mr. A and Mr. B are friends...we

feelcomfort with each other with our first meeting...we became closer toeach other and became best friends...we see each other every nowand then...i really don't feel something for him that time...i treatedhim as my brother as well as Mr. A treated me as his sister...weenjoyed each others company...i like being with him...i can be my realgenuine self...he makes me laugh with his jokes...he makes me smilewhen I am down...he became one of the most important part of life is an open book to him...he almost know everythingabout me...he is always with my family when we have gatherings athome...our friendship is being test with the time...and with that, Ican prove that he is true and real...i can see the sincerity in hiseyes...

as days passed us by, I beganto feel something for him...i hate it...i hate it because the more Ideny to myself of how I feel for him,the more it makes me fall forhim...i knew it wasn't right because he is my best friend and no morethan that...i don't wanna risk the friendship...i don't wanna hurt hisgirlfriend that is now my close friend too...i know it hurts mekeeping this deep's okay because I know God has somethingbetter for me and for everyone...i know I deserve someone else outthere and it just happened that, that someone is not him, not my bestfriend...

now, we are still bestfriends being tested by time...being proven to be true...and we alwaystreasure that kind of bonding we have now and forever...

thereis nothing wrong with loving in silence...i just managed to keepit sothat I won't hurt someone else and I don't want to risk thegoodfriendship that we built...


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