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      My Angel


My life has been painful, I have lived in a home that was full of anger. My parents had an unhealthy relationship that soon ended up in a divorce. But even after the divorce it got worse. My mom and dad were in the phase of now its my time to enjoy life. My parents put me and my brother on the back burner. It was hard especially for my brother. But both of us turned to friends for support. During this time I also had a dream that someone would save me from all my pain. I wished I would have someone to lean on, I searched long and hard for it. I dated more than enough people, most of the time it would barely last 3 months. For 5 years of my life I tried hard to find myself. I was the rebellious teen, an artist with a dark side. My sadness was always around, even though I had a happy personality towards others. I was sad inside, I felt like no one really understood me.  


I moved away with my mom and began studying at a different high school. I met many wonderful people. I met this guy named Roman, we began to date. He was European, from Ukraine. The parties were amazing, full of fun, everyone was friendly. Me and Roman didn't really work out but we stayed friends. I dated a couple other friends from the group but nothing ever really clicked. I stayed friends with everyone and would party with everyone from time to time. During the time I spent partying with the group, I would always see this attractive tall guy who would come around, his name is Roman also. His nick name was Zman. I never really associated with him though. I would see him from afar, and the very few times i spoke to him, he seemed very full of himself. I am not the type to associate myself with people like that. Anyways I heard rumours he made some girl cry, I thought he was gay. He seemed like the type because he never really associated with girls, well when I would see him.


Anyways I never would really pay attention to him until one day. It was the day my mom was going to get married. I was all dressed up a bit too early so i decided to check my email. I noticed on facebook, I received a poke from this guy Roman. When I viewed the photo I realized it was Zman. He msged me asking me if I wanted to come to a party on the weekend. I replied sure, I thought he was inviting me to add more girls to the party I never thought he had any interest in me. I had a car that weekend since my parents were on their honeymoon. I was forbidden to take the car. But I did anyways. I couldnt miss out on this party. I gave Zman a ride, in the car he explained his ex gf would be at the party. I was worried people would get the wrong idea about me and Zman. There was nothing going on. During the party I tried to stay away from Zman, because of the fact his ex girl friend was at the party, I didn’t want to be involved. Unfortunately Zman followed me everywhere I would go at the party. I am a smoker and he came outside and smoked with me even though he is not a smoker. I could tell he was a non smoker, I thought it was cute. I started to get the hint he had a thing for me. He ended up to be nothing like I thought he was. He is the most romantic kind hearted person I have ever met. That night he told me how amazing he thought I was, deep down I had the instinct to go for it. I am so happy I did. He is truly my angel, we are engaged now and my heart is full of love for him. It will always be, I always spent so much time looking for Mr. Right, but he found me before I did.






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