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      I wish it was you


(Girl)-my name is Nico there is a guy that I've been crushing on almost for a year now. I really love him I'm not sure what makes me attracted to him he's really mature, blond, blue eyes and 6 ft tall i wasn't attracted to his looks i was attracted to his personality he's really sweet and i love him .One day i taxed him that i love him ,few days later i got a reply and this is what the message said. Lets just stay friends i taxed him back that I'm fine with staying friends but in reality i wanted to be more than friends with him.In really i love him because when you love someone you will put their feelings and their happiness first and i was happy because i love him. Days went by and his reply still choke my heart i tried to forget about him but my heart refused to let him go .Homecoming day arrived and he didn't ask me out but i was fine with that because i told myself in my heart that he out of my system. During the dance i saw him holding and kissing his date i wish it was me that he was holding hands with and kissing with i didn't know what happened but the next moment i was crying and it was really embarrassing .Later they announced the king and queen of home coming and it was him and his date i was happy for him at the same time i just wanted to shout so i ran out of the room days went by. One day when his girlfriend was away i came right up to him and confessed my feelings for him and told him i loved him i didn't even get a hug than his girlfriend came and he left me the pain was unbearable i didn't know what happened next but i was walking down the street with a note in my hand that i was going to give him and the next thing i felt pain and things went blank i woke up my whole body was shaking and i heard voices that i was dying my biggest fear is not of dying but of not being able to see the person i love for the rest of my life i pray to god to give me some time because i don't want to leave him i have my last note to give him i wish to see him one last time before i die it's also because it's my birthday and my wish is to see him for my last time 


(boy)- there is a girl i like for over a year i really loved her. She taxed me that she loves me. I wish i can tell her that i loved her too but i wished she could have told me earlier because now i have a girlfriend so i taxed her that i wanted to stay friends.Home coming dance that night as i was dancing with my girlfriend i saw her across the room she give me a weak smile but i know that in my heart there were something big was bothering her .As i was dancing holding hands and kissing my girlfriend i wish it her that i was with i saw her ran out the room crying and sad i was going to run after her but they announced the king and queen of homecoming as they crowned me i ran out the room to find her but i couldn't find my love so i came back few days later she came up to me one day and told me her feelings but my girlfriend came and separated us i wish i can kiss her tomorrow was her birthday and tomorrow is when i will leave my girlfriend and confessed my love for her because i love her so much the next day i came to school with her present but didn't find her at school and later on found out that she was hit by a car so i skipped school that day and went to the hospital to find her, tears were coming down my face on my way i prayed to god that i will be able to confessed my love for her before she is gone as i entered her room she's gone i screamed and cried i love her so much but its to late the love of my life is gone as i lean on the wall i saw a note on her hand as i read it tears of regrets came down my face how i wish to tell her i loved her and how i wished to let her know but its all to late now


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