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Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes was all it was supposed to be. I closed my cell phone as I told my boyfriend I loved him. I opened the car door, stepped outside and looked up at the glow in the window.

There he was. He looked up and smiled, and I could see that he hadn't changed much in two years. I felt a spark run down the small of my back, and we exchanged hellos.

He handed me a beer, knocking the cap off on the old counter top in his new place. We sat down in front of the fire, and played catch-up. After an hour, I reached in my purse and dug out the book that brought me there in the first place. I lay in on the coffee table in front of me. It had taken me two years to get this book back to its owner, and I fully intended on snagging another.

Two beers later, I walked back from the bathroom to find him standing up. Our arms brushed as I walked back to my place on the couch. I giggled a bit, looking at him. In his mid twenties, he was smoking tobacco out of a wooden pipe, much like my late grandfather. He sat back down in front of me, and another hour passed. He had this way making me laugh and turning me on.. always had. I thought about my boyfriend, probably waiting for my phone call. I turned on the vibrate setting on my cell, and nestled it in the zipper pocket of my purse. Out of site, out of mind.

"You want to come upstairs and pick out another book?"

"That sounds good" I said with a smile.

He lead me up into the dark, fumbling down the hall and managed to turn a lamp in his room on. I couldn't help but notice the definition of his muscles under his t-shirt. I watched as he picked through the rows of books. I have to admit that his intellect was a huge part of his appeal.

"You will really like these" he said as he stared at me

"You make me kind of nervous when you look at me like that" i confessed.

He moved a little closer, making my nerves hit the roof. He pressed his face to mine, staring at me, and i felt his hand touch my face. Next the lips, then his chest. I felt my knees weaken, and realized the back of my legs were now pushed up to the bed. My boyfriend... Oh god.... I felt him climb onto me, straddling me, his hand tangled in my hair. His tongue ring... oh I had forgotten the tongue ring. My body was about to explode. I haven't felt this turned on in such a long time. Finally, some excitement.

"I can't do this" I heard him let out a grunt

"But your such a good kisser" and he tugged my hair.

I pulled him closer, and kissed a little harder.

"I really can't, my boyfriend"

He sat up, and i could see the bulge in his pants. It only made me ache more.

Two hours later, and 2 voice mails pending, I sat in the living room finishing my beer.

"I will call you when I finish the books"

"Its been a long time" he said "I want those books back as you read them"

"No problem, see ya in 2 years"

The door closed behind me, and i flipped open my phone and walked to my car.


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