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      My special one will be together soon...i hope


you know how everyone sais that you cant tell your heart what 2 do or feel and that the heart tells you who your are goin to fall in love with and who you are goin 2 like well thats exacly what happend 2 me just this year in 08 i met this one special person there in seventh and im in eight.i met them in p.e it was berly the first weeks of school and we were all playin basketball and me and one of friends were tryin 2 get a ball and we did as we were playin i heard someone say hey can i play and thats when i fell for my special person.i said yeahh sure but they were kainda shy at first and they said never mind then 2 min passed and they said ok now i do wanna play with yall so i gave them the ball and they started 2 shut it and lets just say that they were not that good at it.but i still cheered them on couse i knew that i was gettin toghts feelin all over agine i had only fallin in love ones and this was goin to be my second time.then as the days went on i started 2 talk 2 them and some of there friends and each day i was gettin closer and closer to them and each day i was fallin harder and harder for them and i still am i cant stop thinkin about them when i talk to them i get this chils that go all over my body and when they hold my arm i feel like i can berly breath i have all this feelings for them but i cant show it to them because we are just friends for now but i hope that one of this days we can be together and then ill show them all of the feelings that i have and i will always have them they hold the key to my heart and to all of my feelings within me they will always be in my mind and heart i love you and i can honestly say that this is for you my special one my sunshine i love you :]

by:brenda loera

2:my special someone


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