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      The best boyfriend in the world


There are so many special moments that I have shared with my boyfriend that it's difficult to count them all. There was the time he called me from the airport in Atlanta; or the time he told me he was "settled". Or how about when he came over and brought me chocolate and presents when I was having some of the worst days ever? Those were all wonderful and magnificent moments, but something happened recently that topped them all.

My boyfriend was leaving to go to his bike nationals for five days shortly after I arrived home from a week at a horse show. I didn't call him right away because I was afraid I would be bugging him. Finally I talked to him online the next night, after he didn't answer his phone or return my calls all day. He barely spoke to me and just signed off without saying anything. He had been grounded for unsatisfactory grades, according to his parents, and I was told by a friend that he couldn't go out the next night. I wrote him an e-mail apologizing for being a pain and asked him to call me if he wanted to hang out. He never called, so I went with two of my friends to dinner and mini-golf. I went back to a friend's afterwards and my boyfriend was online when he got home. When he found out I was there, he blew up and just signed off. I burst into tears because I really wanted to see him before he left the next day, but I thought he couldn't go out, so I went with some friends. That's what he was mad about. Well, he came back on, and my friend, who is like my big brother, talked to him and calmed him down. Then he drove me, still bawling, to my boyfriend's house so we could talk.

I was terrified as I walked up the steps to his room. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I was desperately clutching my sweatshirt. The door was locked (there is a door to his room from the outside) so I knocked lightly and anticipated the worst. He opened the door, slid outside and embraced me with a huge hug. He kissed me all over and apologized repeatedly for blowing up at me without knowing all the facts. We sat on his steps to talk and he kept kissing me, holding me and telling me how much he loved me. I had to get home, so he took the risk and walked me there.

Once there, he stayed until one thirty. We just lay together and talked. It was so amazing. The best part was yet to come, though. We were both falling asleep, so I got into my pyjamas and took my contacts out. I got into bed, expecting him to leave, but instead he shut out all the lights and put me to bed. When asked what he was doing, he replied that he was going to stay until I fell asleep (which takes a while since I'm an insomniac). He sat on the edge of my bed, brushing hair away from my face until I was asleep. Right before he left he whispered into my ear, "I love you so much. I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone ever."

It is the little things that matter the most in a good relationship. This small gesture of love has meant more to me then anything he could have bought me or done for me.

The best boyfriend in the whole world once again reinstated his position.


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