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      The Love of my life


Well it all started out when I had this friend me and her were really close and we were always together. So one day she wanted me to meet her boyfriend I really didn't care of meeting him. I met him I taught he was alright looking but I didn't care. Time past by and we all hung out. Me and her stop talking to each really don't remember why but it jus happened. Me and her boyfriend still talked on myspace but as friends and say hi and there. One day about two years ago he called me because he knew my number when she would call him from my phone. So we talked and he told me to come visit him at school because we didn't go to the same school we just taught of each other of jus friednds well from what I taught. I went to go visit him with one of my friends. We all hung out and he walked us home because I didn't live far so he was at my house and he had to leave and had to walk all the way home and jus to day he did live kinda far walking distance. When he left my friend told me he likes you I can really tell I said no don't say that were jus friends.

Time past and we would still talk on the phone and on myspace. We started to hang out more and as time past my feelings did to. I knew it was wrong because he was still going out wit my old friend but my feelings took over me I didn't care anymore. One day he told me that he was going to brake up wit her for me and I wanted him to do it but I felt guilty. This was the summer of 07' and we had grew on each other. She found out we were talking and we would hang out she got really mad but I really didn't care. Me and her went to the same school and she came up to me and told me to leave hima lone I told her it wasn't only my fault that he would call me. It got really intense betweens us but I didn't care what she did. He didn't get back wit her or anything. So we went out for about two months and we broke up because of his family issues and mine. We still talked that was agaust when we broke up. Time past and we were fixing things and started going out in november again. We were doing fine and saw each other a lot. He seemed to have love for me faster then me. And I didn't one day I got caught in the moment wit another guy and kissed him and he went to the same school as my boyfriend he found out and we broke up in march. We didn't talk that much anymore. As time past I would remember the good times and how much I cared for him and I realized how much I did love him.

I tried contacting him so I could talk to him. He moved out of his dads house and lived wit his cousin and I didn't find that out until I tried everything to contac him and asked his brother. This was in may at the end of the month. His brother gave me his number and I called his cousins house and talked to him but not for that long but I did tell him how I felt he told me he felt the same but that he would call me bak tomorw because he had to do something. The next day I was at school but I didn't go to the same school as my old friend so he called me during school. We were talkin and he told me I have to tell you something and I told him okay tell me anything and that's when he told me im talking to janet again dat was the girl he left for me. I started crying and he knew I was crying and told me okay go straight home today im gonna go to your house and were gonna talk. So I got home n he was there we started to talk and that's when I told him how much I loved him and y he was doin this to me he told me he missed her but wanted to be wit me but he knew the fact I cheated in him. We worked things out and it took a while we talked and talked and realized how much we really loved each other. He left her once again. And since that day we have been together.

I love Steven so much he means the world to him I know we both did mistakes but the pain I went threw was worth it. He did hurt me but I looked past that because I know in the future we will have kids and a big family. He is the love of my life. and to everyone love is worth it all and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. and yesterday he asked me to marry him I am the happiest person. I love Steven!!


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