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      "You" by: Ashtiia Acol


At that very moment I saw you; I said your cute; I can't help staring at you during our meeting...(Actually it was not our meeting but yourclub meeting because I was not yet a member during that time.)

 Afterthat meeting, I was back on the track with how my life is working. Myfriends knew that I had a boyfriend that was not aboyfriend...(meaning---It just looks like I had one but not visible tothem.)

Days had pass and I had to end my so called "relationship" withmy so called "boyfriend" because of some reasons that I don't want toshare.

My life is so boring and I have to divert my attention tosomething that is useful to me to forget my so called "heartaches".After all life must go on!  So it was semester break and I don't wantto be left home staring at the ceiling and doing nothing.

Thank Godthat Darling gave me a phone call asking me to go with her in thereclub project in some of the hospital in the city. :)

 I went there and Isaw him again!:)

The cute guy in the meeting. :) He is really cute!

 Ithought he is a snob but he is quite funny and cool!:)

 My friendintroduced me to him. He is smiling and reach his hand to me for ahand shake. I never really thought that we could be friends but thenagain that was the start of our so called "friendship".

 I was quiteirritated with your jokes because it was not really funny at all. Youalso keep on teasing me with one of your friends that I don't evenlike. Your friend is just like a brother to me.

 We really become closewith each other.

 We had talk all night long.

You made me feel that thefeeling is mutual between the two of us.

You had given me an extraattention among our friends.

 You had ask me for a date but I was notable to attend with it for three times.

Its not that I don't want to bewith you but its just that I need to attend an important thing.

Dayshad past and I did not quite understand what I am really to you.

 Youmade me feel that I'm very very special but you are not saying anythingto me and then I just knew that you already had a girlfriend of yourown.

 I was quite hurt with that news and told myself to stopcommunicating with you and that everything was just a lie. I was fallen into a trap again! (I said to myself.)

I did manage to stop our communicationafter that last text message that I had send you.

(this is the messagein the text: "I'm sorry but I have to tell you this because it ishurting me so. I thought the feeling is mutual. You just made me feelspecial. I hate you for making me feel like this, for making me fallfor you. I love you but I have to end this because I'm just a friend toyou. Again I love you and I have to say Goodbye.")

 After that I justvanished in your life.

Days and months had past and we startcommunicating again; It seems that you will not let anything to blockedour way.

 Love did really found its way for us to connect again and nowits been two long years together as lovers. I just can't believe itthat we made it this far and I'm still hoping that we will really makeit forever.

Trials will come our way but we just need to face ittogether for our love to never fade. Let God be our guide for our love to last.


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