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      Against all odds love story


hi there... i just want to share the experience of my love!

my family against with my boyfriend because the fact that he had a son for about 4 yrs old now and he is not a college graduate..

but i help him to prove that we can raise a family in our own and help him to stand up and prove yourself to my family and my relatives.


now.... im working in a call center and i help him! on this coming semester, he will studying for at least 2 yrs because were now 23 years old so its not good to study for about 4 yrs..


by the way we were classmates way back 4th year high school.. after graduation, he had a gf. in fact when the girl was pregnant and the dad was him, the girl have the first baby.. so basically the 2nd baby was came to my bf part.... but then my bf fight for their love because his family dont agree to the girl. but since the 2nd baby was born and he is the dad, they don't have the choice... so after 3 years of marriage, he found out that the girl have a textmate and that is one of their neighbor. that time he was sick, he confronted the girl while they were going to sleep and girl admitted that issue. so the girl leave their house but the baby still with him..

now the girl is pregnant again for the 3rd time and with another guy..

now the baby is 4 yrs old as what i mentioned, and the baby was with them for about 1 month and then 1 month to her mother but when the baby reach the 7th birthday, the baby will stayed them for their whole life...


when i was on 4th yr college, i heard the news that one of our friends was died. so i visit the on the last wake and he was there! that time most of our friends get my # for the communication again. and that is the start of our relationship. that he had a new gf but as usual the family of the girl don't like my bf. and the girl was really strict. we were textmates then all of the sudden fell in love... we enter the relationship and i know the fact that he still commited with this girl and i know that its only a game for me and he was hungry for the real love that her gf cannot give.


but then their relationship was ended because the girl used my bf to revenge with his bf and their doing ok so we continue our relationship until now...


after he graduated 2 yrs form now, and get the job to his brother that was currently working in a marketing department, he told me that for about 1 year that he's working, we were getting married. that is why he kept studying to prove my parents.


i know its not right to pay for all his tuition fees and every stuff in school. the family of my bf is not a wealthy family not like ours... that is why my mom not vote for my bf but i still fight for him. my dad buy me a car after i graduated from college and my dad really like me among my brother and sisters. my mom did not mentioned to my dad about my bf that is why my mom always

says that i need to ended up my relationship before my dad know it and take away the car from me.. my parents start unwealthy family first when they got married but my father was hard working that is why they can give all that i want. i told it to my mom,, i dont want to start a family in an easy way... i want to start a family like them that they start form the scratch then finally they got what they want.

that is what i want! first start form the scratch then accompanied with hard working then success!


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