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      Lonely without you


           I meet the love of my life 3 years ago. Me and the girls where going on a vacation to the Big Apple. I was just coming out of a 11 year relationship and meeting someone was the last thing from my mind. That was until I saw him and right then I knew nothing would ever be the same.

           We were in New York for 1 week, and that's all it took. We walked down the streets of  Manhattan holding hand, then he bought me a dozen roses from a flower stand it was like a fairtail. At the end of the week he decided to take a week off of work to come back to Kentucky with me. He never went back to New York.

           I wish that was the end and we lived happy ever after, but there's more of the story to tell. I didn't mention that the love of my life was born in Mexico, and was here illegally. He was caught driving a car with out a license and was arrested then 3 months later he was deported back to Mexico.

           None of that matter to me. I would move to Mexico if it meet we would be together. I just want to have my life back. I had everything planned out. We would live on the boarder, that way I could work in Texas and my son could go to school there. I sold everything we owned and packed up my son and I and headed for Mexico. This is when things went down hill.

           I thought finding a job would be easy I've never had trubble befor (I left behind a really good job). Here was the problem I don't speak spanish and you have to inorder to get a job in a boardertown. The other problem was you have to pay to cross the boarder everyday (taking my son to school) and this is hard when your only income is 500 pescos (50 dollars) a week. Eventually the little bit of money we had saved from sell our stuff ran out, and when I no longer had the money to take my son to school my mother bought us a bus ticket to come home. So i had to say good-bye once again.

          It's been one year since I left him and the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of being with him again. My plann is to go back this January and get on with my life. I think I have thought out everything this time. We are all ready to be together for ever.  So if you would please say a prayier for my family.        


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