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My name is Clueless, and his name is Game

I met him in the second grade. I hated him more than anything...

He called me names, picked on me, laughed at me

I went through this for many many years.

He was the cool kid, the kid everyone wanted to date, the kid who everyone wanted to be friends with.

he has always been like that for all of his 14 years that he has been living.

One day he randomly asked me out in the fourth grade?

Before that I never spoke to Game, not once?

Of course being desperate I said yes !


It was a cheesy relationship hold hands, kiss on the cheek,

tacky 4th grade stuff..

we didn't date for long, I'd guess about two-three weeks ?


right after we broke up, I was back in the victom mode,

I was his red flag

and he was my bull,

he picked on me when ever he had the chance to,

this went on up until the 6th grade. thank god, Game moved across town.


seventh grade i began to be more social now that I was no longer a victom of being bullied through out my elementary years,

Games best friend was...lets call him Molsen,

Molsen came in the middle of the sixth grade

december 12th to be exact,

he was Games best friend....bad for me.

Molsen starting making fun of me to,

my luck eh?

So yeah,

then game left school,

Molsen began to leave me alone?

which was an upside towards me because i became very social and friendly with many people, i made many friends now that game and molsen had left me alone.

Eventually molsen and I had the same friends, so he gave me a chance, we became the best of friends,

latterly.we were so close...

So, molsen being my best friend he talked to Game and told him I had changed and I am a very good friend,

So for the first time since the fourth grade I went to hang out with Game,

Guess what?

We became Best friends,

we hung out almost everyday from the seventh grade and on...

We did everything together,


we were so close,

all i ever did was talk about how great of a friend he was to me and he would do the same..

we went to weddings together



he carried me home when i broke my ankel

I remember we use to talk on msn from like 8am till 6am...

it was great nothing was in our way...

I had told him everything and he told me everything...

sad thing was

I have had a big crush on him since the fourth grade I guess when we dated i grew to liking him..then on it hasn't faded...i had had a crush on him for three years. though i rarely saw him for two. i still liked him a lot?

it was weird?

he had a girlfriend...I respected that and stayed out of the way.

there fore..

i never told him I liked him.

I kept it a secret..

we became best friends in the seventh grade till the ninth grade..beginning of high  school...

it was great..really. i was happy I was his best friend, at times i would get jealous of him and his girlfriend..

I got over it.

Si through out those three years of being best friends, at one point me and him actually "kissed" just to see if there was an actual spark?

It was a one time thing.. I never told Game how i felt and he never said anything to me either, we just never spoke of that night.

SI grade nine...i started school and so did he

we went to different high schools Meaning i new he would meet new people and we would fade..thank god i was wrong...

That year my mom put my house up for sale...

he came over kicked the for sale sign, and tried to trash my house.

My house sold...

i was so heartbroken..

I ran to him...bawling he held me all night

he promised me he wold be my best friend forever That night i wrote hi a letter confessing my feelings for him

I gave it to him the next day, he sheded a tear on the left side of his cheek

I started crying my hardest he held tight as he could  we said our goodbyes..we gave eachother a million huggs I movd across the country, and he stayed in the pitts of ontario

I am going to visit in the summer...this story is not over I dont think it ever will be

My name is Clueless.

his nae was Game

I loved him. Still do


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