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      There is hope


I am convinced that love rules the day when our hearts remain open!

As a pastor and therapist I have talked to and worked with a lot of hurting people who aren't sure they believe that love triumphs. But I have witnessed how the miracles of God work when our hearts are filled with love and we do not let hope die.

A few years ago I watched my daughter drift further and further into adolescent rebellion. There was a period of time (I'm sure that most parents know what I am talking about) when communicating seemed almost impossible. My daughter drifted in and out of a number of relationships that were unhealthy, to say the least. Her mother and I prayed for her, cried numerous times and were forced to wait and watch. At times it seemed that all that we had communicated and modelled was being ripped apart by her desire to do her own thing, period! I believe that part of that has to do with the individuation process which takes place in an adolescent's life. But some of her choices and actions were just plain crazy.

One day, she left the house to meet a friend...

My wife and I hold to the belief that you NEVER give up on love. If you honestly love someone, you don't throw in the towel on that person you love and care about. What I can tell you today, in our case is that love won out! I don't think any parent could ask God for a more loving daughter and family. Dar (wife) and I enjoy the blessings of three grown children and three great grandchildren; two granddaughters and a grandson. In my estimation that is a complete illustration of how love should be. Being in love with someone is seldom easy. Relationships that are satisfying and real do not come without tears, frustration and anguish. But love that never gives up wins. Now, you may be asking just how serious these adolescent daughter woes were. Would you consider nearly dying as a result of being kidnapped and held against your will by a boyfriend serious? Our daughter was subjected to many "horrors" at the hands of this so called friend. She was 16 years old at the time she was assaulted by a boy she thought was a friend.

The police and legal system, well they did little to nothing in assisting our daughter. But, LOVE won the day! Love was the key that promoted healing and hope. It was through love that forgiveness could surface and blossom.

Never give up on love.


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