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      Playful , But True


I'm 17 years old ... i met him when i was in 6th grade and i hated him... he was a jerk to me all the time... so i never really talked to him.... in eighth grade we had all but 2 classes together and he was still annoying and mean but i would talk to him... After talking to him for about a month i realized that he wasn't a bad guy so i decided to be his friend... we would do stupid childish things like slap each other in the halls.... i would have never guessed that he liked me until one day when i was hurt and on crutches he carried my books to all my classes and was just so sweet to me that whole day... i realized i liked him more then a friend because that showed me that he could really be a sweet guy (if he wanted to)... so i flirted and hinted for about a week but he never made his move... so on the last day of school before we all became big time high school student i told him that i liked him ... i waited for him to make a move all day but he never did... i felt like an idiot and told myself that i would forget about it during summer but all i did was think about him and i ended falling in love with him even though he wasn't around...9th grade came around and i saw him again ... i decided to play off like nothing happened and just be friends with him... but my friend alyssa just couldn't have that she kept trying to get him to ask me out.... one day i got a note from him which surprised me because that had never happened before.... it read Jamie i don't care anymore! im just gonna come out and say it I've always loved you even when you hated me... just seeing you brightens my day even ...when im not with you im thinking about you and its driving me nuts. i wanted to ask you out so bad that day you told me you liked me but i couldn't... my parents don't want me dating until im 16... i don't know if i could live with out having you in my life for one more day...please tell me that im not a fool that you love me just as much!! will you go out with me and make me the happiest guy in the world!!! well of course i said YES! and we have been through some hard times but i have loved every minute of it!!We have been together for almost three years and nothing will tare us apart. He was my first love and i Know he will be my last

My name is Jamie and Im in love with Josh!


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