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      What i would say to him if i was strong enough. UK and USA


I remember the times we first used to speak online you fascinated me right from the begining....and the firt time you said i was beautiful. it made me tingle

we quikcly became really close and i was happy that you were my friend..... but when we made if official that we were together i found it hard to believe that someone so amazing as you could ever want someone like me.

And we went on to have so many happy, funny exciting, butterflys in tummy moments and memories togther online.

i remember one day we were slow dancing (imvu). You said to me i think im a bit young to say this but i never let myself get close to a girl like this, but i think your my soulmate. your awsome... i told you its crazy but i felt the same way you make my life better and i want to be with you forever. it didnt matter that we were only online for now because what we had was real and aslong as we did have eachother everything would be ok.

Everything was perfect but now im so angry at you for playing that football game you know you shouldnt have been playing so all those promises you made me and all them memories and all them feelings you had for me have evapourated from your memory. Why did you have to loose your memory!!

If it wasnt for your cousin you wouldnt have even known i exist now and i am thankful that you still talk to me even thow i must have seemed like a stranger to you. i saw you on webcam for the first time the other day, and it felt so wierd looking at you knowing so much about you but you knowing hardly anything about me.

It hurts knowing things are never going to be the same. I feel alone and unsafe. You were the only one that saved me. When i told you about that i feeling i got about the sinking sand and you were there with your hand, and for the first time i felt ground. well now it feels like someone has pushed me back in and im sinking faster than ever.

And your going to be with another girl now i know this will happen. i think its the thing that hurts the most. Of course i want you to be happy and love. but if only you knew how much i want you need you and love you would it make our 'friendship'in your eyes better or worse? So when you said you loved me and i was your angel they are just words now....

I wish you the best. You'll make it to the top i know you will, i believe in you. You are amazing. ok well i gess i'll talk to you online later you'll think 'oh its my online friend from the UK' and if i see your name pop up i'll think 'its the only boy that has control of my heart,quickly put the frount on that your ok'



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