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A few monthes ago I met the most amazing guy on the face of the planet -- except three things were in the way, My boyfriend, The distance, & our age difference. Despite the fact that we met online, it was pretty much "love at first sight". Everyday I would talk to him, get to know him, and fall deeper and deeper into love with him. By the way, I'm 13 and he's 17. Before you freak out about the age difference, I'm going to say it plain & simple -- I don't care! He's the perfect man for me, note how I say MAN not BOY (I'm more mature than the average 13 year old girl -- smarter too!). Up until a month ago we'd been flirting, talking about our futures and what goes on in our daily lives, we could both tell we liked eachother.

He told me he cared about me, and didn't know what to consider us anymore. "Close friends.. or more?", and since he's never really had a girlfriend before, he turned to me. Obviously, I was really nervous & didn't know what to say & then there was my boyfriend to consider. But from that day forth, we've been inseperable & as for my ex boyfriend, well he wasn't too happy. Anyways, He lives about a day and a half away driving, but he's coming up next June, and we're both very excited. I can't wait to finally meet my bestfriend & soulmate.


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