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      Frighten to stop loving him.


He was my best friends boy friend,

i loved him for so long but sooo did she .

He liked me too untill i told him too not care about me

and move on .

i didnt want to see my friend get hurt,

soo he took her instead of me.

i was okie with that till

i found out she didnt like him anymore

it rele broke my heart to know that even though i gave mmostt of my feelings for him too save our relationship ,

she would do that.

i got mad and was rele hurt soo i went behind her bakk ,

andd played around with himm . we didnt dooo anything but chill and talk butt people would think we were a couple

now were in a big arrgument . that i cant seem to get out of what should i do ? i ask my self ?

well all i know is that hee likes me as much as i like him .

andd i think im readyy to give him my heart and fall in love.


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