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      The boy that I love


i met him on the Internet and we talked from there we met on imvu a chatting website. i was bored one day so i was looking for friends and so i clicked on his avatar and we started to chat. we had so much in common and we could talk for hours. then we didn't chat for about 3 weeks and then i started to invite him and we started to chat more and more. at that time i had a boyfriend his name was Leo. but Gilberto made me feel so Meany feelings that i couldn't explain. i had such a good time with Gilberto and i started likening him more and more each time. my best friend rose knew i liked him and she was the one trying to hook us up.


then i broke up with Leo because i couldn't take being with some one i didn't love that wasn't Gilberto. it didn't feel right then that day i couldn't take it i had to tell him i couldn't keep it a secret anymore. that night my best friend rose told me he loved me to i got so happy. then Leo told me that he really loved me so i asked him if it was true and he said yes. i was the happiest girl in the world i finally got the guy that i wanted.


when we started going out we didn't fight or anything we wore so happy together then problems started. my ex tried to break us up people wore in our way putting ideas in our heads it was so hard on us. i couldn't take it and we broke up. we couldn't be without each other then we got back together and were still together to this day we've been going out for 1 month and 3 weeks and we Love e each other and we don't care what people think. we want to get married and I'm engaged to him. when i turn 18 well get married and then we can be happy together.


we love each other and i wouldn't ask for more he makes me so happy and even if he works and its hard on us sometimes cause we cant be together i don't care. ill wait for him as long as i have to. we only have 2 more years to go.


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