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Her parents named her Minnesota...that's where they met. She was an infant when she survived a car crash that killed them both, her brother Blake, 3 then went to live with family, and she - too little for any of them to want- got sent to a foster family. that's when my neighbours adopted her.

I loved her all my life. that's her life story.

I am 23 now, and I am divorced with one child. her name is Montant. Minnie and I always said we'd name her that. we didn't meet there - but we always thought it was funny. she was a star player at tennis in high school. she died of cancer at the age of 18.

I married someone I met at college - Darci. she honoured my love for Minnie, and named our daughter Montana. but she left me because she felt she lived in Minnie's shadow. she did....and I don't blame her for leaving. I loved he her so so much, but I couldn't get over Minnie.

I will always miss Minnie, but realize now that it is time to really move on. I could accept that things are over with Darci. I wanted time before. but now I realize I can't live without her. she told me if I ever felt like I had closure, that there would be an opening in her heart for me to fill. so now I am going home. I want her to be my wife for always.

I can't undo the past. I will never forget Minnie, but it is time to let go, and move on, and not forget the great thing that I have in Darci. I love you Darci. open your arms baby---here I come.


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