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      Not Just A High School Romance !


I knew who he was everyone did Jake Senton basketball pro,but also a sensitive boy who didn't care what anyone said about his geeky girlfriend and i know that because i was that geeky girlfriend.We knew each other all our lives but never connected. When we got to high school he was the popular one and i was the geek but when i was his lab partner we just clicked he never really spoke to me like he does when he was with his mates he spoke to me like a gentleman.I remember our first kiss it was our first assignment i had to go round his i was scared yet excited.I knocked on his front door and he answered we went up to his room to start.He walked me home that night and we kept talking and talking i told him about me and he told me about him his life was surprisingly different to what i expected his mum died when he was young and his dad is an alcoholic and didn't care about him.When we got to my door he went to kiss me on the cheek but i turned my face and our lips touched and we fell in love.Yeah a lot of his mates made fun of us from going out but we didn't listen.But then it came to graduation and i got accepted to Stanford and him well he got a basketball scholarship so we went our separate ways.

I saw him the other day he had settled down with a beautiful wife and 2 children but when he walked away he turned round and winked at me that's when i knew he loved me.

It may just sound like a high school romance but it was much more.



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