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      Stuck on her


Okay...i met this girl at camp and the first time i saw her i felt a feeling inside that i find hard to that time i just ignored what i felt because i thought it was just a silly feeling i had towards her...then during the whole camp i just kept on seeing her everywhere i went and there were moments that i stared at her where im sure she must have noticed, because i just couldn't take my eyes of her...then camp ended and they left...i didn't speak to her much during camp because i was just trying to ignore what i felt...


one of her other friends asked for my number (for herself) and i gave it to her...i could not get my mind of this girl that i saw...i dreamt about her and i just wanted to ask her friend about her and maybe get her number from her... but i decided against it...i just carried on talking to her friend as if i didn't think about her...then one day she asked me if she can give my number to one of her friends that has been asking for it...and i said its fine...her friend invited me to chat...i found out that it was that girl...that girl that i couldn't get out of my head...since then i started talking to her and i told her about my feelings...and although ive only seen her once in my life before my feelings were so strong and i was so nervous to tell her...when i told her, she told me that she liked me to...she is still in school...we chatted everyday...every morning before school, everyday after school, and at night we chatted until one of us fell carried on like this for so long and i soon told her that i loved her...i really did love her...not long after that she told me that she loved me to...we live far apart...i made plans to see her...but every time there was just something preventing us to see each was so hard for me...and im sure for her to...we started fighting and everything just went downhill from there...she wanted to end the thing that we had...she just stopped texting and never gave me a reason why...that was the worst thing for me...that she just left without telling me why...i started cutting myself but i hate it so much...i text-ed her so many times but she didn't even reply once...i started dating someone else...but every time we kissed i thought of her...i just coulndt get her out of my mind...and i still dont know the reason for her leaving me...and now it is like my thought of her keeps me from being with anyone...what if im so busy thinking about her that ill miss the person that is really ment for me?? or did i have my change and i blew it??


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