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      Lover, i wan't you back.


For six months, you had a hold of my heart.

We were just friends and it never crossed my mind to tell you how i felt. I thought it was pointless, i thought you were way out of my league. We are so oppisite to each other, but some how so much alike.

After the months went by, you suddenly told me how you felt. We were together for a while, and it was amazing.

'I leaned in and we kissed for a second or two, in hope i would be spending the night with you. You leaned over and kissed me, i felt my knees go weak. You wiped the tears that rolled from off my cheek, leaving me breathless; i couldn't even speak.

Now you're not here, i miss you more then ever. Now it's over i realise i wanted us to stay together. You're so close, but yet you feel miles away. Come back and hold me, just for a day. All these regrets weighing me down, i can't smile, i can't even frown. I was in your arms only just the other night, i was hoping you'd forgive me and end this battle you know i cannot fight.'


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