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i was 21 when i met him..his 27, a professional guy..his a programmer / computer technician...he got the looks and a smile that would melt you. we started as text friend introduce me to him, untill we became usual texters and one day i jusy felt, liking him...we talked alot over the phone..we send sweet messages like lovers do...its actually a long distance called mutual relationship is what we have over the phone...but then we decided to meet...the very first time i met him, gosh...i cant believe im telling my self that "im gonna marry this guy, i want him for my entire life.." its like i made a promise to my self that he will only be the guy for me...not to mention that he was the very first guy that im very much serious with! that night when we met its like we dint mind the time...we just talk of anything...

at first i felt that he really cares for me alot...he introduced me to his everything was so fine...Until this unforgattable things hapened...he decided to go on an intimate mode..because i trusted him did not refused...i let him do his thing..eventually it happened......You know what he was my first kiss and everything...i cant explain the feeling everytime he kiss makes me nervous...and so on...But after that thing seems like he changed..he know longer the guy that i met...he wont text if i wotn text him...he wont call if i wont call heim..and one day someone textd me saying that hes just playing with me, that his not serious that hes just using...and the sddest part he have a girfriend already...i called him about it..but he denied...he said its nothing its just his friends making things i dint mind it...but thne it happened again...but because im far, i comfronted him over the phone...i let him choose if its me or the other girl..but he said "he cant slice his heart in two and give me the other half" that realy killed me morethan a hundred times........hes words killed me.....after all the things we him its nothing...

i hated guys since then! i hate him so much..untill now if i think of him, its like i wana kill him!

i dont know if his married know..coz he textd me that he finally found the right girl for him!

lonely grl!


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