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      When I looked him in the eyes


I went to a party with my friend and we met I'm not going to say name..he would talk to ma and asked to dance with me...of course I said yes.At the end of the party he was with me and danced with me, he then was leaving and asked for my number but instead I gave him my friends.He texted her and thought it was me but she told him that wasnt me so he got sad and thought I rejected him just like that with out giving him a chance.I then called and made everything clear we got to talk and are tryin to know more about eachother.He had told me that he liked me and I said I liked him too.We now talk a lot but we dont see aechother so we talk for hours and I know I like him Alot and he likes me too.He has then since that day he would always be there for me even when one day I was crying and would not stop I learned I made a mistake and he said he wil love me even though that had happened giving my self in and i felt so dumb wanting to die because it wasnt with some one i really liked instead with anothere he said mistakes happened and we can learn from it he said no matter what hell like me maybe even love me and i said thank you at this moment we are together and have been dating for over 3 years now we are engaged and wanting to create a just remmeber seeing into his eyes and seeing him stare ar me i now know that he will be there for me and i will love him no matter what looking him in the eyes and seing him at the party would be one thing i dont regret not even until this day.....I love you with all my heart and thak you for being there when i most needed you i love you dearly...10/25/05


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