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      When love isn't enough


Let me start with saying that this is not a heartbreak nor a love story at all, people do change as time goes by and you really couldn't do anything with it. Some of us, when we have that so called love of our life tend to be so possesive about all the things about him/her that we tend to forgot that the person has his or her own self different from ours, we sometimes think that if we are together with this certain person we sometimes act as if we own the person at all, when in fact all we really could do is to take care of the person for the time being that he/she was given by the creator, because we could not say how long will they stay on our side.

I have been with this guy and the father of my son as well for 2 years now, and we really get along with each other, include the fact that we have encountered almost every storm the relation could have.During our spare time, we usually think of happy thoughts and sad thoughts that we've been through.Since we've become partners in life,the guy did not give me trust at all. I mean im not being judgemental and so but if you would review times that we've fought, the topic would include me talking to someone who is a friend, me knowing lots of guy friend, me going home not on the agreed time, and so on and so fort.He would as well tell me nasty things that really hurt my feelings cause in the first place im really not doing it at all.Every time that happens i'll cry and cry...and ending...he'll say his sorry and win me back, he even tell me that he'll change for good, but that never happen. He even become really weird and all. It really pains me to see that the only guyu ive ever loved that way could not reciprocate the love i am giving or even just the trust. Jusr to be fair, i really don't have any grudges and so for the guy cause he really do take good care of me very much and almost do the impossoble for me most of the time, but in regards to the word TRUST....i'm not sure how to gain it anymore

I think i just need to pray hard, i really don't want our relationship to be just another things in the history of love. I want ours to last long and make it a story that we could even tell our grandchildren of.

For the guy in my life i really hope that this would be one of the doors that could open the reality that I really do love you and all i want is for me to be trusted back just as what im giving to you


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