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      Everyone knows my story (Des`eree)


Everyone knows my story. They read it here.... maybe even before me.. I am des'eree. and yes...of course I said yes.

My now fiancé and I met 3 years ago at a carnival. I was there with my niece, and nephew- 3 year old twin Rachel, and Robbie. there was a twin contest, and they were taking part in it. he was there to watch his best friends twin daughters, 8 year old Cannie, and Mannie, in the twin contest. It was the weirdest meeting, but we hung out the rest of the night. my niece and nephew won!!! :)

He won me a bear at the carnival, and like a little boy with puppy eyes said he'd one day win my heart, well, honey you did.

I thank god everyday for this perfect love I have found. I knew it was out there but was starting to wonder if I would be one of the lucky ones. after 9 months we moved in together, and 3 months later- right after our year anniversary he has asked me to marry him… on this site.

I read it at work, I called him, and I said me? me? he said....I as wondering when you were going to read it. he said he wishes I would've read it at home so he could see my face. he knew I read this everyday, because I always read them to him. we are getting married in September......

We couldn't be more excited. thank you for sharing your stories everyone, and in coming here, I found a way to share all the happiness in my world.

- Des'eree


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