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      He'll always be in my heart


I moved to a new school when I was in 7th grade. I felt really awkward and shy even though I am an extremely out going person. Then I met Nathan. At first I thought he was a great friend and was really funny. But then, I started to like him. At a party we both continued to flirt and I got really excited. Then 8th grade year began. It was fun and he was in all of my classes. Another girl in all our classes had a huge crush on him and I started to think he liked her to. But then she started spreading rumors about me and so I talked to him about it because he was one of my best friends. He told me that I deserved way better friends cause I was an amazing girl. I felt so much better. Towards the middle of the year he had one of his friends call me really late. His friend kept on asking if I liked Nathan and so finally I admitted to it. I knew he was in the room but I just decided not to care cause I finally admitted my feelings. We had a school dance later that week and I was feeling really good. He only danced with me and I felt like I was the only girl in the room. Of course the other girl that liked him was pissed. When I went to say good bye, he whispered in my ear and asked me to be his girlfriend. We were inseparable from there on. We ended up going to the same high school and were really excited about going to high school together. We went out for about six months when he randomly broke up with me. I was heart broken. We stayed in touch and were still friends but it sucked. We went to a party at a friends house two weeks after breaking up and he told me that I was the prettiest girl there and he only danced with me. Silly me, I thought we would get back together. We didn't. When we started high school he would tell me that I was the only girl he ever wanted to make out with and that I'd always be his girl. But then he started dating someone else. He still constantly tells me that he will always be there for me but I guess we're really over. He says I am his only true love but I don't know. I will always want him back, and he will always be in my heart as my first true love.


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