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      Good-bye pumpkin'


I was on my darkest point in life when i met this guy. At first, i really didn't care about him at all, but then there was something in him that caught my attention. So i started making friends with him & it worked well. I told him what i was going through & he was open too. Its like we we're somehow connected that i wasn't even ashamed to tell him & let him know about whats going on with my life my past & everything. He was honest & he always listened to me. He was my best friend & i was his, despite the age gap (he's 25 & im only 17) we managed to adjust. We grew closer & closer as days passed by.

We learn from each other, we laugh through hard & happy moments together. We shared dreams & set goals. We believed & hoped for the best in our future. He says im too matured at my age & that he was like the childish one, we were so different from each other yet everything we do seems to be similar, like, when i told him im attending a baptism, he was too. And when i attend a birthday, he's going to. We both have a broken home but we both know its for the wellness of our families. He brought me back on my feet & he gave my faith in God back.

We would send an mms to each other almost all the time, the distance was not an issue for we both know by heart, we're together. Sometimes, we even think were just dreaming, then we laugh on how we met. We we're happy that way, we we're contented & okay with our situation.

Our relationship grew deep & finally he told me he loves me & of course i felt the same way too. Since then everything changed, i never thought it would be hard living in that kind of a relationship. He was busy but i understood. We would talk about good-bye & made promises.

He calls me cuppy, i call him pumpkin, we got it from our favorite song "the cuppycake song".

Then in a snap, he was gone & i dont know where to find him, i tried reaching out but it seems like that was the moment of saying good-bye, but why was it so unclosed, he just stopped communicating with me & though i tell myself he's probably busy or what so ever, i tell myself it's done so i sent him a quote about good-bye but i can't say the words. I know thats just it! Yes it does hurt but everythings temporary. I found myself crying but hoping one day we'll cross paths again. But now, i really don't know what Love means anymore. I've been hurt before & this feeling is what i've been trying to avoid but it shows that we never really know who our hearts would love, so the next time i'd fall again, i hope i won't have to feel this kind of suffering again.


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