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      My first boyfriend


I'm 16. I never had a boyfriend and I never wanted one either. I did like people, but I just didn't want to go out with anyone. Any time a guy would ask me out, I'd just give him the answer "I'm sorry, but no, I only see you as a friend." or something along those lines. Every time a guy would tell me he liked me I'd just say something along the lines of "..Okay?" and change the subject. I get along really well with guys, that I'm basically one of them. Any who, one day we got out early from school and decided to walk with my guys instead of getting a ride from my friend. They were happy to see me because we didn't get to hang out in such a long time. To my surprise there was a new guy there. My friends called him Mascara (Pronounce it in Spanish and it means "Mask"). I didn't know his real name or anything so I just went along with it. He was quiet towards me but I was fine with it. I treated him the same as I did with any other person. We went to the store and bought some stuff and offered everyone what I had. I asked him if he wanted any of my soda and he gladly drank some. As we waited for the bus to come, I couldn't get over how handsome he looked to me. Maybe he looked weird to other girls, but to me he looked attractive. I caught myself and shook my head. I thought "Okay, he may be cute, but that's it." and didn't pay much attention to him after that. It was still early, so I went to my friend's house along with everyone else. It was so relaxing to look up at the sky and hear my boys play their guitars. Then I checked the time and it was time for me to leave. I hugged everyone good bye, including the guy I just met.



I didn't see him for a good while after that, and eventually forgot I ever met him. Later on, I took the bus to school, and he was on it too. I didn't notice him until he started to walk next to me and talk to me. Once we got into school, I hugged him good bye again, and  we went our separate ways. Soon enough I thought about something. I didn't ask him his name again! Sure enough I shrugged it off and thought "Oh well, your not going to see him anymore anyway." and went on with my day.



I guess about two months passed and I was heading over to my Biology class. I decided to take the long way, since I would have too much free time. Suddenly I hear someone yell out my name. I turn around and it was him again! I reply with a "Oh hey! its you! ...Mascara right?" he nods and we talk before we go our separate ways again. Once again, I give him a hug good by and start walking to my class. As I'm walking I think to myself "..Wait. How does he know my name? I never told him...Damn it! I didn't ask him his name again!" I push it aside and try to pay attention. After all, it was my 6th period, and I was about to go home, I could have thought about it later.. I actually didn't and forgot about it.


A few months later I was bored in my 3rd period class. I was staring at my desk, and I found a stick figure there saying "Yo." I drew another one and replied to it saying "Hey." The next day it said "Who's this?" and jokingly I replied "Who's this?" The day after it read "You can call me Kat." and on the side it said "I wrote you a letter, its between the poles." I look and there really was a letter. I read it and replied to it. The person didn't actually put his real name, but I didn't care and gave him mine. I was so excited that I was writing to a person I didn't know, and I got so curious that I searched for clues. I asked my 3rd period teacher if a guy or a girl sat in my desk, and then I asked what the person looked like. He responded "Its a boy that sits here, and he looks like... well, he dresses some what like you." A girl looked at the teacher and says "Oh, so you mean he a rocker?" I laugh and reply "I guess HE'S a "rocker" if he dresses some what like me." The next period I go to my friends and ask them for help. I told them that I had a feeling that it was the guy that I've talked to before, because it looked like if he would write that way and he had my first period. I was getting kind of mad because I never asked him his name! I pull out the letter and say "Look! he drew a pikachu!" and my friend from across the room hears me and says "I wanna see!" So I hand it to her. Then sure enough I keep thinking about if it was him or not. I remembered my friend saying his name before so I ask "Hey Suz, the guy in first period, you know the one that talks to Manny?" She thinks for a moment and responds "Oh, yeah, What about him?" "Do you know if he writes this way?" and I point at the letter. She looks at it and says "I don't know. But I do know he likes to draw Pokemon." I smile. I had a gut feeling that it was him. So then I ask "Okay. What's his name?" She thinks again and goes "Mmm... Oh yeah! Its Miigel!" and I became happy because if it was him, then it was cool because I kind of already knew him.



Later on me and my friend Mel decide to walk home after school. We talk about everything, so I started to talk about the guy that was writing to me in the letters. I let her read the ones I had so far and she laughs a loud reading one part a loud. "...But I don't remember her name, I've talked to her 3 times (I know that's not a lot.) and I know she's cool. I like her short hair and the way she is." She looks at me and I give her a blank face. "What?" "What do you mean "What?" It sounds like he's describing you." "Ha ha ha yeah right! That could be any girl." "Mhm. Whatever. Tell me, that guy you think it is, how many times have you talked to him?" "Umm.. Three. Why?" and she smiles once more. "Face it, he knows its you, and he's telling you he likes you." "Not even!" I had a huge smile on my face that wouldn't go away. "You like him don't you?" "...What? Me? NO! I don't even know him!" "Mhm. Then why are you always talking about the person writing to you?" "Because...Shut up! I don't like him!" "Admit it! You do!" "I'm not admitting to anything!" "Oh... So, you do like him, just that you don't want to admit it." "..I...Wh..No!" and we begin to laugh. "I think he knows who you are dude." "Who knows, maybe he does." "You know who he is don't you? Why don't you just say you want to meet him then?" "I don't exactly know its him. Besides. No." "Why not?" "Because! Its weird. What am I going to do write "Oh yeah I want to meet you. I'll be waiting at this place" Hell, what if its not even him!" "Ha ha ha I guess." "If he wants to meet me, then he can tell me." So we go our separate ways to go home.


About a few days later I read "So umm...yeah, I want to meet you. Wait for me at your fourth period. Its E-6 right? Don't leave the letter here, just give it to me when we meet. P.s. I'm in W-6, so have patients." My heart raced. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I went to my fourth period and try to play it off. My friends were talking about lunch and I say "Oh, umm I'm not going to be at lunch with you guys today." They look at me and nod the "Ok." I kept staring at the clock and I got more nervous. I take out the letter and read it once more to make sure I really didn't read it. My friend Tiff smiles and says "Can I read?! I haven't read them in a while!" and my friend Bri looks up and says "Huh, I don't think I've read them." I trust them a lot, and I really can't keep anything from my close friends. I hand them the letters and once they read the last one my friend Tiff says "Oh, so that's why your not going to be with us at lunch." and My friend Bri says "Now you can finally find out if its him or not." I nod and jokingly she says "Watch it not even be him. Watch it be some random person who you don't even know and you were completely wrong. Ha ha ha." I got more nervous. "Ha ha ha not even!"


The bell rang and I was calming myself down. My friends said good bye and that they would see me tomorrow. Tiff smiles and says "Tell us everything tomorrow!" and they left. I waited there which felt like forever when in reality it was not even 5 minutes. I took out my ipod and played music. It felt like he wasn't going to show up and that this was my chance to flee. Once I stop leaning against the lockers and turn to leave, I see him, staying where I was, I lean against the lockers again. I look at my ipod making it seem like I didn't care. I was hoping that I was wrong and that he wasn't the guy writing to me, that the guy writing to me chickened out. It didn't turn out that way. He stops and says "Hey." I look up and nod "Yup, crazy huh?" I turn off my ipod and it becomes quiet. He says "..Not what?" I shrug looking away. He begins to talk to me and then we got into random conversations. I couldn't look at him too long because his smile was just so amazing to me. I loved it. Every time that I would look at his face I'd smile myself and giggle a little. We laughed a lot and I loved to see him smile. The bell rang and lunch was over. He walked me to class, and I gave him a hug good bye. I sat in class and my friend Lion (that's the nick name I gave him) and Wesly ask "Where were you at lunch?" and I respond "Talking to a friend." I still had the smile on my face. My other friend Jose comes into the room and says "Who's that guy?" and I look at him and say "What guy?" "I saw you with talking to some guy at lunch." "Oh, he's a friend." "Rrriiiggghtt." "What!?! He is!" "I didn't say anything." and we both laugh while he sits down.



After that we still wrote to each other and took turns deciding when to hang out. Everyone told me that I was bound to go out with him. They could already tell that I liked him. I would just deny it. I kept denying it and telling myself that it would never happen. That he didn't feel the same way. A day before he was suppose to hang out with me, he showed up out of the blue where I was hanging out. My friends were making fun of me because earlier I was debating if I should ask him if he wanted to hang out with me at Alabazza. (A little show thing the school had.) At the last minute I decided not to, and just to hang out with him the next day as planned. So once we were walking over there I see him and I tried to seem like I didn't care, but really I wanted to hide my face and run away. My friend Bri laughs a loud and says "Look! There he is! Its like your meant to ask him." They all laugh and I yell out "F*** You guys!" and laugh myself. So we hung out and my friends just looked at me from a far. He walked me to class like he usually did, and when I was in class I wondered why he just suddenly there. After school I was going to get my ride from Mel like always when my friend Manny says "Hey, your going out with Miigel?" I look at him confused and reply "No, why?" and he nudges me and says "Don't lie." I give him a blank look and say "No, for real. I'm not." he laughs and says "Oh. Then forget it. Ha ha ha" and he leaves. I didn't look too into it because, well I'm like that, and I'm really slow when it comes to people liking me.

The next day we hung out as planned and I asked if he wanted to go over to my spot again because my friends wanted us to go over there and stuff. He said okay, and we went. We were talking and he asks "What's your full name?" and I laugh and say "Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine." He smiles and says "No, I asked you first." I laugh and respond "So I asked second." He pulls out a paper and looks at it with a "what's this?" face and opens it. I try to look over but he folds it again and says "Its my class work." "Oh, can I see?" "No, it has my name on it." and he puts it into his back pocket. I look at him and say "I will go there and grab it." and so we play around and he gives in. He tells me his full name and I tell him mine like I said I would. It became quiet and he pulls me in for a hug. It felt comfortable so I hugged him back. He says my name in my ear and I reply "Yes?" then he pauses. "Will you go out with me?" My heart raced. I've been asked out before, but it was never in person. The guy would either write it to me, or ask me some other way. I could feel my heart pounding. I couldn't even get out a yes. Instead the words "Okay." came out. He seemed pretty happy. "Yeah?" "Mhm." and I could feel my cheeks turning red.



Since that day we've been going out. I never knew someone like him would ever make me feel the way I do now. He can still make me blush, my heart race, and get all excited whenever I'm with him. I really thought he knew who I was from the letters until he told me that he tried to figure it out, but he couldn't. He said he seriously didn't know it was me, and that the girl in the letter that he was talking about IS me. Its some what like a fairy tale. He's the guy I want to be with for as long as possible. After all, you don't find a guy that's crazy about you, tells you that your pretty or beautiful whenever he sees you, and you certainly can't find a guy that tells you he loves you almost everyday. Those are the rare guys any girl can find. I may not really know what love is, but right now, I think that love is the kind of thing that I feel towards him. I know that he does mean it when he tells me he loves me. Seriously, no one can deny it when the guy has your name tagged up all over his walls, on his shoes, your full name on his folder, and your initial sewn on his backpack. I know this was long, and if you read the whole thing, I hope you liked my story that I had to tell.


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