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      Friends or more?


I'm a senior in high school and I've known this guy for six years and we have always been friends. When we were younger i had a really huge crush on him but i didn't ever say anything to him because i was to scared. SO the years went by and we became closer and closer. Finally our senior year came along and we are closer than ever. everyday during fourth period he walked back to my desk and we would just talk and laugh! i always had the best times with him! But i didn't really think anything of it because i had been with my boyfriend for over a year. One day i seen my friend differently. we were on the bus going to a football game and me and my boyfriend were having problems so we didn't look or talk to one another. Just then i caught my friend looking at me so i looked back and smiled. He keep staring i just figured he was being himself he always does dumb things like that so i just laugh and asked what was it. Finally i realized he has never gave me that look before and i could'nt explain how i felt. It was like everything that was wrong in my life was now right. The rest of the way to the game we could'nt keep our eyes off one another. Finally we got to the game and my friend and I got off so she could go smoke. My friend followed us. We got to the coner of the school and we were all just talking and i looked at my friend and said " your gonna be my next Boyfriend." He smiled real big and shook his head yea. I smiled. Then he said I could'nt do David ( my boyfriend,his best friend) like that. The he paused and said but  I would. So the game started and finished quickly. We were getting back on the bus and my friends tried to get him to sit with me but he said he could'nt do david like that. But then he said if david didn't sit with me he would. Well Me and David ended up breaking up on the bus and i went to sit with my friend! He told me everything was okay and i was'nt a bad person even though i felt like it. Over the next few days my friend would call and we would talk. Then when monday rolled around he wasn't at school nor the next two days. He stoped calling too so i didn't know what to do. WHen he came back to school he acted like he didn't even know me. It broke my heart. For about two weeks he would'nt even look my way. Finally one day he spoke to me i felt like i was gonna fly. He had me thinking maybe things would be different. But now as the weeks keep passing by he acts like he still does'nt know me! The only advice i can give if you have a bf and you really love him don't give him up for a friend bc in the end it will mess up a good relationship and it might even end a great friendship!


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