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They called it puppy love but i say i really loved him. Even though it was just in middle school, i still have feelings of joy and sadness. We were the cuties Hmong couple in school and we love each other like peanut butter and jelly. But this broke my heart knowing i broke his.


It all started in the math class and i recently broke up with my first boyfriend. Free at last from a big gerk that never cared for me but that does not matter. This guy i met was wonderful. He was everything a girl could ask for. (cute, kind hearted, willing. etc). I was a princess. He treated me so well opening my doors when  walked, holding my books, wiping my tears and being my punching bag.


This guy gave me everything and during the 7 months that we dated, we never argued once. On the phone, we always talked about me and never him and so i started to feel like he didn't trust me. I started having feelings like i was not good enough for him because he never told me anything about himself to me.


Still dating him, I found another guy that always opened up to me and that made me feel good inside. I started having feelings for the other guy but we were just friends until one night I lost everything.


One night me and my boyfriend were at a church event and I got news that my guy friend had problems so I left. No knowing what will happen next, my boyfriend rushed out of church and we didn't talk for 3 days. Finally he called and since i knew that i had feelings for the other guy too, it hurt me.


Eventually we broke up but were still good friends. I still have feelings for him but it hurts to stare and talk to him. Now that i have a new boyfriend, he sees us and turns sad. He never wants to talk to me cause he knows that he will fall for me again and i know that i will too fall for him.....


Sorry to my boyfriend but it is true...... 


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