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      Lonely Hunter


I may be young, 17 to be exact, but i have been through so much in my life. I met a girl named Misty in junior high. I cant say i fell in love with her instantly, because that would be a lie, but i can say that i liked her. She was funny, pretty, moderately smart. But she came from a peice of shit family. I was a fucking trouble maker through the years and these years would be no different. Misty and I started dating but it didnt last long. Mistys friend Beth liked me and when she and i broke up misty told me to go out with Beth. So i did. I fell in love with Beth those four months we dated. we never went to one anothers house or did anything outside of school. But i loved her dearly, and thats what murdered me. Beth didnt feel the same way about me and at the end of those four months, she broke up with me. I tried everything in my power to get a reason out of her, but in the end, i got nothing. Next thing i know i am going back out with misty. But i didnt enjoy it that much. Every day seemed bland. Like one story over and over again. I got pissed off at her frequently, and she got mad and angry with me frequently. Yet we still told eachother we loved on another. At the end of my first junior high year, i ran away to beths house and spent the night in beths bed wrapped up in her arms. Truth be told, Misty and i were still together. But i couldnt contain my love for beth. I had to see her. Misty found me the next day wandering the streets. We broke up a week later. A month passed and i felt bad for what i had done, so i called misty and wanted to apologize. But she told me one of my friends was over at her house, and instantly I became jealous. So misty and I got back together, then i found out she gave head to that friend after we got back together. Fuck me freddy, what could i do? I got high, on pills, then i woke up in the middle of the night and walked about five miles to mistys house and we had sex. Then when school started again we skipped school to have sex, a lot. Shortly afterwards, I started cutting myself, and i went to the metal hospital. Misty broke up with me. From that mental hospital i transferred to SASH. When i got back home misty was going out with one of my friends. I went to see beth one night and she wouldnt let me in, she told me to go away, so i got angry and started thinking about all the shit that had happened to me. And whose fault it was. At the time i thought it was mistys fault, but now i see it was my fault. So I went crazy and burned the front of mistys house.The police arrested me at school the next day, Beth watched me get handcuffed and taken to jail. I spent a month in JDC and then went to Laurel Ridge, then went back to JDC. Then went to TYC for a year. Was on parole for a year, and now beth want speak to me and Misty hates me. Fuck me right?


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