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      Prince Charming


I have always believed in fate. I believe that everyone has a chance in life to live their own fairytale. Mine is rather strange. When I found out I was pregnant (by a man who chose not to be a part of our lives, but only a memory) I moved back home to Texas. I was two months pregnant when I met up with an old friend who introduced me to a few of his friends. All of his friends fell in love with me and made me part of their group almost immediately, except for one. His name is Adam, and me and him decided from day one that we did not like each other, I don't know why, we just did. Unfortunately though we shared the same friends so we both had to learn to put up with each other.

For nine months we pretended to be friends when we were near, but despised each other when we were apart. Over the nine months I became sort of intimidated by him hating me. When I had my daughter we lost contact for about two or three months, when he saw me again his jaw dropped. He told me he could not believe how beautiful I was (now that I was not pregnant). I was flattered but thought nothing of it.

We started to all hang out together again but this time I actually started to get interested in this man I hated for so long.

Eventually it started getting close to his birthday and I decided to buy him a dvd he had been wanting. Well, his birthday came and I asked my friend to bring his gift to him since they were going out and I wasn't invited. I guess I thought we still weren't friends but Adam called me up and asked if I would like to go out to celebrate his birthday with him. We went out and had a blast and that evening on the ride home I was sitting alone in the back of the van with him and I leaned against him. And somehow, I cant remember with the music and everyone else talking about the things that happened that night, but somehow my hand and his slipped together. Everything got quit, for that one moment and we never looked at each other or said anything. When we got to his house I kissed him on the check and said happy birthday, and then he went inside.

The next few days I didn't think about it, I refused to get my hopes up about anything. My friend called me up and wanted to know if we all wanted to go out again, I jumped at the thought.

That night I searched for the perfect outfit, made sure my hair and make-up was perfect as well and headed out for a very uncertain evening. We all went out to eat and then to a movie, and it happened, after the movie our friends left to go to the bathroom, and Adam and I just sat there and let the theatre empty. Both extremely nervous and unsure of the others thoughts, I let fate take charge and I reached over, kissed his check, then he turned his head to mine and he kissed me. I'm not sure if it was then, or the night we held hands, but I knew I loved him and that fate decided us to be together.

We are just as happy if not even more happy now and its getting better every day.


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