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      Love Divided By A Nation


I am 15 and I have been looking for love my whole life. Love, the thing that everybody dreams of but most never achieve. I decided to give internet relationships a try when I met a girl, she was 13 and had the most amazing personality. She was unlike anybody I had ever met, so exquisite so beautiful on both the inside and the out.

We Fell in Love, we grew really close we constantly talked on the phone and on the internet. we posted pictures and videos to express our devoted love for eachother. With this girl i knew i had found true love and i still believe its true love... the only problem is that we live on opposite sides of the country. We only have two and a half years before we can finally physically be together and we plan on getting married a few years after she turns 18... i couldnt be happier with my life now that she is in it and will be forever and always...


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