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      Long time love


i was 5 years old when i saw this man. we are studying together in a public kindergarten school. at first time i saw him, i really felt different. i immediately remember his face, his clothes, his bag, and almost anything about him. i can't believe that i already feel the feeling whom mostly those teenagers feel about "love"

elementary years came. we still classmates until grade six. my feelings for him doesn't change, instead it became more stronger. i silently hide my feelings to him because i don't want that our friendship will change.

time came that we have to separate our paths. he will go to private high school, and i will go to public high school. before our graduation, he went to me and told me that he wants to talk to me privately. then, i invited him to our school canteen. There, he told me all his feelings towards me. You know, that time, i really don't know what to say and what to do. i was speechless. i can't believe that we both love each other. he really told me "I LOVE YOU" in that very young age. i was so happy that time and wish that the clock will stop turning. The school bell rung and we have to attend our class. From that time on we didn't talk anymore. i want to cry and regret why i know his feelings towards me. from that time on, he is always be seen on my dreams.

we never see each other for 7 years. i miss him so much. i dont know what to do in order to talk to him or how can i see him? then came our Class Reunion. i was so happy for the reason that finally, we can see each other again and talk again what we had talk in our school canteen.

but what i expected didn't happen. i felt that there was a change. i think we already have a GAP. we both shy to each other. He admit to his bestfriend who told me that he still loves me. and me too. i still love him.

i hope that time will come when he can express his feelings to me and talk again what we had talked when we re in our school canteen when we were in elementary days.

he is my love. i believe he is my soulmate. i love him so much.


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