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      Don`t know what to do name is sabrina and i am 17 years my story is this..i met this guy, and he wanted to go out with me, and i did. he was quite handsome, a lot of girls fancied him ..though i couldn`t know what all the fuss is about.So, i don`t usually make love on first dates believe me, but when i was with him, he seemed so nice, such a really nice guy , and i wished him to kiss me. at the end of the night we made love. and that night, i lost my virginity to him. Please dont think i am easy and all that, but he was so irresistable. afterwords..i didnt text him anymore..because i tghaught he only wants me for sex ..and i think i was rigth..BUT.. now i think about him all the time..i wish i could see him again..and i think i love him a little bit. can someone please help me out?maybe tell me how to move on or what to do or something??..because i really am confused and i dont know why sometimes i miss him this much..thanks for you`re time.


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