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      My First Real Love


i'll never forget.... he came to my church to sing a little after new year's eve. he was on the piano and i just got this feeling when i saw him. it was like i had known him my whole life. after the service i asked around for his number because some friends of mine told me they knew him. when i got home a had a text from my friend michaiah. it read "hey sweetie this is cor." he gave me his number and i text him. we talked for ever, it felt like. i found out where he went to school and what his interests where and we just basically hit it off. when it came time for us to have an official meeting i was so so so nervous. we met at church, i'll never forget the way he fixed his hair i think it was a mohawk or something like that. anyways we talked after service and he gave me a hug before a left. eventually i broke up with my boyfriend and Corey and i started dating. we had a wonderful relationship. i thought i was going to marry him. i would always play with him and say we were gonna get married one day but he never knew that i truly wanted to. one night he came over to my house with our mutual friend justin. we played cards and had fun, until corey asked me to step outside. i stepped out onto my back porch and he grabbed my hands and said "i dont think i wanna be with you anymore" trembling i asked him if he was joking. he said no. i ran into my room and grabbed everything that reminded me of "us" and took it and threw it in his car. he came over to me and held me close. i could feel his tear drops falling on my chest and staining my shirt. and in the cold dark night right beside the swing we use to sit on he whispered i still love you Haley.


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