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      I never could let go


I rly didn't kno where to put this love or heartache but for now it's heartache until the end rly cums!

Im 15 yrs old and a sophmore now before you pass my story up bcuz of my age you should read this bcuz no matter wut i love this oy with all my heart!!!

We met in 6th grade, it wasn't love at first sight we'd been going to skool 2gether 4 a while but i hadnt rly noticed him til we spent time after skool 2gether 4 an activity. I knew instantly i liked him & i kno he felt the same we got 2 talking & got very close very fast. We were alot alike and we seemed perfect, we were perfect. I rly didn't kno wut i wntd tho & i hurt him rly bad i knew iloved him i jst didnt kno much of anything else. We talked 4 a while after we broke up we both still wantd eachother and we still told eachother tha we loved one another!!!! 1 day he told me he didnt love me anymore and my world stopped spinning i cried 4 days.

I had 2 fight 2 act fine & go 2 work where i worked with an older boy named ethan! All this happened the summer before my 8th grade. Ethan & i started dating we grew very close & i cared 4 him deeply and part of me loved him wholey and truley!!! But i never could stop thinking about austin and my love 4 ethan wuznt the same as my love for austin!! Austin acted like he hated me for almost 2 yrs my heart was broken but i had fought to move on & try 2 b happy and alot of the time i was well up until about a 1/2 a year ago.

Ethan & i started never getting along and austin and i became friends. It grew again but i couldnt bring myself 2 hurt ethan it wuznt fair after 2 yrs! Ethans & my fighting got worse he became very controllive didnt wnt me 2 spend time w my friends i was miserable. The wk b4 i broke up w ethan austin started dating rachel i wuz heart broken but understood the nite b4 he started dating her he made me promise 2 never forget he loved me always no matter wut!!!

Well we stayed friends at first thn he startd 2 chnge he never wantd 2 t2me and he was an ass about everythng wed get n huge cussing fights it was horrible & hurt so bad!!! Well him and rachel broke up and it didnt change he told friends of mine he didnt hav feelings 4 me anymore! then he randomly txtd me wen i hadnt txtd him tht i was crazy and to leave him alone. he also called me retarded and sayed id never been good enough by thn i was like w.e. even tho it hurt so bad i cried and fought to b strong!!! It was a huge fight we both sayed things we regret.

I wanted 2 still b friends so after a while i txtd him 2 tell him good luck and 2 hav fun at his football game this started bak up our friendship. Idk wut 2 thnk about him at first he was like i rly wana kiss u but i dnt wana date and idk if i hav feelings 4 u anymore. then he was like i thnk im starting 2 hav feelings 4 u again. then he was like i like u. After tht he told me he was gona ask me out wen i came over 2 his house. thn a few hrs l8r he said he was rushing thngs and didnt kno if he was gona date me he had alot 2 think about and not 2 hate him!!!!

Idk wut 2 think anymore their was more details thn written it wouldve taken hrs 2 type but im scared he mite use me. But i kno at 1 time at least he loved me as much as i love him. Idk how this story ends but i rly hope itz a happy ending i love him. I dnt want anything else but him i kno im pathetic but im n love.


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