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I Love my wife. I would die for her. I live because of her. I hold her above everything in the world. She felt the same way to for the longest time. Then suddenly out of no where she says she doesn't feel the same anymore. She doesn't love me anymore. She says it's not something I did, or didn't do. She just says that she doesn't love me. she's going to a therapist to see if she can find out why and maybe fix it. For our sons sake, and mine, but she doesn't really care if she's with me or not she truly doesn't love me. You have no idea the heart ache, the awkwardness, and the sorrow, when you are living in a house with a person you would die for, and they don't fell the same way at all. I don't know what I will do if she leaves, I honestly think the only way I'll survive is because of my son. If anyone has any advice please give some. You may save my life.


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