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      True love


we together sweet in love then the problem the girl r pregy other guy but i accept him coz both inlove together then the girl cannot axcept that shes pregy coz its to much young she cry how many tyms one day ago i meet a guy her name jigs cousin of my frend first day we meet both love in first sight coz her cousin r very handsome and good guy thats why the girl inlove for her then the next day we meet  both decide livein coz he inlove together the parent of the guy first he know that the girl pregy and he cannot accept for her parent and his son r angry and always drunk that tym the girl is not here in cagayan coz she travel in bukidnon the guy she text her that she want to see the girl coz she mizz her the girl cry and cry and he dont know  what to do coz shes in bukidnon dat tym the can't  slep coz shes worried to her boyfrend then the next day the girl travel going in cagayan and he meet her boyfrend and both mizz and talk about there problem how many days to come the guy talk her parent he explain to them then after her parents understand tomorow i want talk that girl in person then the guy happy and he text the girl my parent wants talk to you u visit her in my houz now then the girl visit houz of her boyfrend and we talk to there parent after we decide her parent accept the girl for his son coz we love each other then the next day the girl slep always houz of her boyfrend and were livein and hapily ever after


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