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      O how amazing


So I met this boy, and he's pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me.  His name's DJ and I know him better than anybody else:) yes..i am proud :) the funny thing is only 14! But I know I'm going to marry him, I just know it. and I tell him these things, to.  On the phone, "I love you babe."  "I love you 2 skittles."  "I cant wait till I marry you."  "I can't wait either babe.  Good night."  OOOOO how wonderful, right? :) hehe i love the innocence of adolescence. o boy!  buuttt this guy lives in sacramento :( and i live in redding :( but its ok! cuz someday i'll meet him randomly in a coffee shop and we'll fall passionately in love...again...when we're 23. haha i have this planned out!


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