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      To young for me


It all started June 2006... I was a freshmen student at pnhs (bel0nging to the special science class department)... It's another chapter in my life which i need to surpass. I wasn't that fortunate during my elementary days.. 0h! How i hate remembering those days! I wished i haven't passed this chapter.. I have received lots of negative criticisms.. They always underestimate me, they never give me a chance to show what can I really do..I have never been right to my teacher's eyes.. Some of my classmates are envious of me since they say that I am a child of a teacher that our other teachers favors me.. Tsk..Tsk..Tsk.. They just don't know. With all these reasons, I loose hope.. My whole world crashed into hell.. My whole s0ul,b0dy, spirit and my wh0le heart were captured by grudge, hatred, selfishness and REVENGE!! I promised to myself that I will never go back to that school again..

These are my very hysterical w0rds and feelings after I graduated from elementary,and even until now when I was already in highschool..

But my p0ints of view changed when I met <>.. We are textmates, we get to know each other, we became good friends.. It was August 21, 2006, that was Monday,no class coz its the celebration of ninoy aquino's day, when we decided to meet over the park and we decided to went to my school.. My class adviser was actually there as well as my other classmates because we are being requested to help fixing our messy room. My goodness! He helped us. He's a gentleman.. I also introduced him to all the present indidividuals during that day. Whew! After the afternoon's work,we parted ways and we went home to our respective residences.. Around 6 in the afternoon, he called me up.. I was so shocked!

<>: hi.
Me: hello. Insa nagtawag kaw? (hello. Why did you call up?)
<>: may pamangkot daad ko kanimo galing basi mangakig ka? (i want to ask you something but i'm afraid you would get mad)
me: try me..
<>: puwede ta ka maging girlfriend? (will you be my girlfriend?)
me: what? Sigurado ka? (what? Are you sure?)
<>: huo gani. (yes,indeed)
me: Y-E-S!
He did not hear my answer at first...
<>: ano don? 3 minutes lang nga daan daya pay. (what now? This call has only an alloted time of 3 minutes.)
me: huo gani pay. (yes.. I will)
<>: yes!

That day, everything started to change. I become more optimistic.. I became str0nger. Though I hid this young relationship to my parents because we are really young and I know they won't allow us to have this, we still obey our emotions. Halfway to our relationship in a month, my mom knew evrything about it. She admonished me, "gulang timu kana." (you are older than him). So what? An age difference of 5 months and 29 days is not a big gap after al.l.. Still, my mom is not convinced. However, with <> as my partner in a relationship, I meet lots of p0sitive changes.

August 8-10,2006:
i meet Lord God, we became YFC's and therefore signified to be servants of HIM..

September 16, 2006:
He's first visit over our house..
First mwuaagggz...

September 20, 2006:
Celebration of my day and our day at Jollibee..

October 28,2006:
First war..

November 10, 2006:
rainy halloween party..
M0m's birthday..
I t0p the class..

Many m0re mem0rable dates to cherished..

Until... January 10, 2007 came..

We broke up because of a misunderstanding.. I was in a terrible frost. The pain that i felt that same day when we broke up is the same pain that i am feeling whenever i reminisce the past. I did everything to settle it.. It even crossed my mind to court him. But the new <> stopped me from doing it.. He is no longer the <> which i used to call in his nickname.. He Changed..

After a year of that incident, I was in 3rd year highschool now..He is in 2nd year hschool. We are now of the same school but different departments.. We became good friends but still i was in the pr0cess of moving on.. The pain is still there, but he g0t his own life now.. I got my own in the body of my goal in my studies..

He is starting to make another new love story of his own..

And someday, I'll make my own..


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