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      Magic of Love


Ah - first day of high school! Do you remember how nervous you got that very moment you stepped inside a classroom full of strangers, without a clue where to sit or whom to talk to? I remember it, like it was yesterday.


I woke up to see that it was the first day of classes. Although nervous, I continued on. As I was trudging the hallway leading to the room with the name "Freshmen", I wondered, "Would I make a fool out of myself again?" My thoughts came to me like a long ribbon, continuing on, painting several pictures in my mind. But I was not able to see its end, for the voice of our teacher interrupted, telling me to get inside and take a seat. I was nervous. I felt as if my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I saw that there were no more chairs available, except for the one in the front, right next to this guy. He seemed very popular. He was happily chatting with our other classmates, and was the center of attention. I had no choice but to proceed to sitting to the only available chair. I sat down, and unfortunately, I dropped my books. "Oh, God. This is not happening." But the guy beside me picked them up with a smile, saying, "Hi. I'm Garie. You're new here aren't you? What's your name?" I replied with a faint smile on my lips, "Lia. It's Lia." He smiled again and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you. You'd love it here." I looked down and replied, "But I don't even know anyone." "I'll be your friend." "Really? You'd do that?" "Of course, Lia. From now on, we're going to be the best of friends." And we did.


Little by little, we got to know each other and sealed our friendship with a promise that we'd be the best of friends till the end of time. In all his tough times, I was there. I witnessed him fall in love for the first time and got hurt for the first time. I watched him loved and lost for so many times. I was even the one who helped him with his special someones. We were as thick as thieves. He was the only best friend I had, and I was his. From being Freshmen to being Juniors, we stuck together. I was there when he cried, and he was there when I did. When he was happy, so was I, and he was the same to me. But when our last year in high school came, everything remained the same. Or so we thought.


A classmate of ours, Jeff, was also a close friend of mine. I'd call him my "bro". He was more like an older brother to me, considering I have no siblings. The great change that came into our lives happened one sunny day in the gym. I was there to support Garie in his championship game, being the team captain for our basketball varsity team. It was his day. We all cheered. He hugged me before the game started, and told me that all his shots were for his best friend, me. I cheered at every point he made. And the game ended with a score of 56 for the opponent and 94 for our team, with Garie scoring 53 points out of the 94. Everyone left the gym, while I was still sitting there, waiting for Garie to finish his cool down routines. Jeff sat down beside me, noticing I was bored and hugged me suddenly. Don't get me wrong, he's not gay. He's just fond of hugging his so-called "siblings" in the campus. And then, Garie came. I didn't understand him then when he suddenly shouted, "Could you please stop hugging? I don't like it." Jeff left the two of us. I asked him if anything was wrong. He said, "No." And asked for forgiveness for what he had done earlier that afternoon. Of course, we just laughed. But it had never come to my mind that it was the start of a new chapter in our book of friendship.


In the following days, it seemed that our ways have changed. He never looked at me teasingly like he did before. Now, there was a new kind of sweetness in his voice, a certain glimmer in his eyes whenever we would speak. His actions had changed. And I, too, felt the change. It's as if there's a certain throbbing in my chest whenever he would lay his eyes on me. "Oh, God. I can't be in love with my own best friend!" But I fell for him more and more each day.


But then one day, I accidentally screamed at him for being late for the practice of our school play. He got mad and left immediately. We didn't talk for almost a month. But then our adviser pushed us to talk one day, and we did. We explained, and we both cried. And he told me he never knew how much he needed me until I was gone. He told me he loved me. From the very first time he saw me on the first day of classes years ago, and that he only hid his feelings for the sake of our friendship. And I felt the same way.


He held my hand like he never held it before, and he kissed me for the first time. It was like being the happiest girl in the whole universe. Now, it's been two years since that day, and we're still together. That's the magic of love.


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