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      Puppy love


when I'm in grade 5,i met a guy in the gate of my school, i felt in love with him...charr!,when i went to my class room i saw him, I'm so very happy and i made a friends with him, until in 3rd yr. i still love him, but he don't know that i have a crush on him.


with in 3 yrs I'm so in love with him that but he doesn't know..., until i heard that he knows about my feelings for him.. start on that day i feel that he was so caring for me..


i felt so happy when i heard that he has a crush in me too..I'm so happy that time and that day.. when every day i meet him my in school, my day's complete.. he is my class mate until i feel that he is so BS. then i felt admonish to him.. and then when i in 4rth yr high, my feelings for him is gone. he courted me but i basted him.. and then know i'm happy



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