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      Even when you try you cant and it really hurts:'(


have you ever gone out with some one you really liked but after braking up you can't forget about them???



well.. the dame thing happened to me we were the best of friends then, we went out for about 1 yr.After we brake up and decided to see new people.. i got really sad and started to this point we are just friends and really close.well uhm i still can't forget all the times we had together and i still love him.i love him dearly and would always be their for him,but now theirs another boy and i really like him i try to forget about him and i start to cry i just don't know how to forget he goes out with some one else and i'm really happy for him and he's happy for me too.i just don't find the way to leav him but i know deep down he still has a place in my heart. so please help me and take me out of this pain love really hurts it hurts so much... 

I LOVE YOU mi best friend!!


so my question would be how do you forget about some one you really love???


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