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      Love from Ukraine


This is to anyone who is thinking about travelling to Ukraine is searchof their soul mate. First of all, DO IT. You will hear from friendsthat you are crazy to say the least. They will say that you can find agood woman at home. There are good women at home, but they are married.There is a reason why the ones that are single are still single. I havebeen single for 8 years and have dated plenty of women, some good, somebad, but none that I would consider spending the rest of my life with.One could say that I set the bar too high. I refuse to just settle forjust anything, and when it comes to something as important as ones soulmate, best friend, and lover, why would anyone not want to find thebest. Here is my story about how I found the best woman in the world.It has been a long one for me, but a great one.

I went out to dinner with one of mycustomers and his wife. He had told me before that she was Ukrainian,that did not mean much to me. To say the least I became enamored withher by the time we received our main course. Her accent, poise,demeanor, and of course her looks had me intrigued. By the time we hadfinished our last drinks, she had learned that I was single and she hadgiven me the e-mail of her good friend who was interested in anAmerican man. I corresponded with that lady for a little while, but wedid not hit it off. I thought that there might be something to this, soI did what any American male does. I hit the Internet. After a lot ofreading, I gave some money to one of the big agencies. That started myups and downs. I had decided on just one city, Kiev. I correspondedwith a lot of ladies for a few months and then took the plunge andbought my plane ticket. Just a side note, Ukraine is a safe country. Ihave felt completely safe on the many trips that I have been there. Ihave spent many months in countries all over the world when I was aMarine and it is one of the safer places that I have been to. Just besmart and you will have no problems.

My first trip of 3 weeks in Kiev wasunreal. Within an hour after being at my apartment I was at the mainsquare having a beer and talking to girls that I just met at thesquare. One of those girls, a school teacher, is still a good friend ofmine today. She taught me a lot about Ukrainian customs and thedifferences in our culture. Yes, there are differences. Yes, you willmake mistakes and offend a girl, but it is a learning process. I wentout with a lot of women during those 3 weeks. Some that I hadpreviously talked to on the Internet and some that I met there. I wentout with some girls just once, no chemistry, and others 4 or 5 times.All of my trips have been a learning process. Most girls live on modestmeans and some will try to take advantage of you, most will not. It isyour money, do with it what you want. To this day, every time I meetthe school teacher, I take her shopping for clothes and othernecessities. She is a friend and I have the means. The day after Ireturned I was already checking on flights to go back. There were a fewgirls that I wanted to see. On my second trip, I narrowed my searchdown to just one. I had already decided she was the one, but I wantedto make sure. Over the next year and a half, I visited Kiev many times,and one trip to the Dominican Republic in the winter. I am a southernboy and I decided 85 degrees was better in January than 15 degrees.Besides, who would not want to go to a Caribbean resort with a Slavicgoddess. Now, you are asking, why so many trips. Well, we started thepaperwork to bring her to the US, but there were some issues with herfamily. The US is not the only place with trailer park drama. I thinkit was my sixth trip there, this girls mother told me she "did not likeme." She said her daughter loved me and I took great care of her, but Iwanted to take her away. Yes, I did. Was I selfish? Yes. Moving toUkraine was not an option. I have too good of a life here and could notsee giving up a dream job and everything that I had built here, plus Ihave 3 sons that still need guidance of their father so that they cangrow up to be good men. Yes, I would have searched for a job there if Idid not have all of those things here. I wanted to marry that girl. Onmy next trip to Ukraine we sat down and had a heart to heart. She saidthat she could not leave her mother and did not know if she would everbe able to. By the way guys, their mother is the most important thingin their life. You need to win over mother. I started this journey toend up with my soul mate one day. I did not see any light at the end ofthe tunnel. I would have continued to date this girl and visit herevery few months if I was certain that we would one day be together.When I kissed her good-bye at the airport, I knew that it was over.

OK, I am back stateside and still single.Good memories, yes. Regrets, none. I had dated a great girl for a longtime and had become good friends with another (the teacher). So back tothe Internet I went. Why did I not give up or just settle for a girlhere. That answer is easy. Once you have spent some time with aUkrainian girl you will know. There was no way that I would do what Iconsidered taking a step back. I decided I wanted to see a differentcity, so I chose Kharkov. I was doing some research and stumbled uponthe Mordinson Agency. I was about to start correspondence through theagency that I had used before, but after checking out their website andreading their business philosophy, I decided on them. Yes, it was alittle pricey, but not bad. I had always done everything on my firsttrips solo and it had worked for me so far. Yes, I am tight with mymoney, but when I figured up all of the trips that I had already made,plus the Dominican, and many gifts. All for what, I was still single.Maybe I was thinking that I would never get married and I thought thatusing their services would help me. Who knows, but I made the decisionto go through their agency. Looking back it was a great decision.

So here I am again, going back to Ukraine,but without a girlfriend. I was determined in my search. I arrived inKharkov after spending a night in Kiev to see the the teacher and mynow ex-girlfriend. Upon arrival, I settled into my apartment, whichblows away all Ukrainian apartments that I had stayed in previously anda lot of American apartments. A few hours later, I was off with Mishaelgoing on my first dates. Over my trips, I have been out with a lot ofgirls, but the quality of the Mordinson girls was by far the best onaverage. After a few days of multiple dates, I was down to two girlsthat I was very interested in. So after a few more days, I wanted tospend all of my time with just one girl. That was a hard decision,because they were both great girls. Well, I made my decision to seejust Julia and also to come back to Kharkov in a few months overChristmas and New Years. Mishael and Darya were great about arranginganything and everything. Mishael would call me every morning and giveme the schedule for the day. He would call the girls and get locationsand times set. He would have been a good ringmaster in a three ringcircus. At times I felt guilty because of all of their work. Julia didnot speak a word of English. This was not a problem. Mishael and Daryaare great interpreters. They are unassuming and low key. I feltextremely comfortable having them there and so do the girls. There wereplenty of times that I was alone with Julia. If there was a situationthat communication was breaking down between me and Julia, we couldcall Mishael at any time and he would straighten out our communicationgap. Trust me, he received a few calls and he handled everythingexpertly. I left Kharkov way to soon, but with the confidence that Ihad met the perfect girl. Before I left we decided Julia would starther English lessons with Mishael. She really liked them and told methat she likes Mishael as her instructor.

Christmas Day, and I am back at theairport after spending time with my sons. Did I mention that I do notlike cold weather, well nothing was stopping me from seeing Julia.Another hint, take under armor, it made my trip bearable. Kharkov wasrather chilly for me for the next 11 days, but it did not matter. I wasback with Julia. Upon arrival at Boryspil I learned my luggage wasstill in Paris. Oh well. Immigration took forever, then the lostluggage paperwork, and finally customs. The whole time I am thinkingthe driver would give up waiting on me and leave. I went through thedoors and there he was with the Mordinson sign. What a relief. It isnot a bad drive. I had tried to book internal flights to Kharkov, butthey were sold out. When I arrived in Kharkov, there was Mishaelwaiting on me. I was to see Julia in an hour and I had no clean clothesor toiletries. I gave Mishael money and he ran to the store and boughteverything I needed while I took a shower. I considered this above andbeyond the call of duty. I only had a little bit of time to get readyand he could have said tough luck. Instead he was genuinely concernedin doing everything he could to help me. After getting cleaned up, itwas time to see the love of my life. The time went way too fast, but asalways I had a great time. Even with the cold weather my apartmentstayed warm and I was prepared for it when I was out in the elements.Quite a few times I used Mishael and Darya to translate. Then therewere the phone calls to Mishael to smooth out some of ourcommunications. As always, he was available and prevented someconfusion. Mishael even answered his phone on New Years eve. Now thatis dedication. By the way, New Years was a very good time. I think thatI might be back for another one. It was a cross of Halloween, MardiGras, and New Years all in one.

Well, my next trip back to Kharkov is inApril. This time to get married. Me and Julia decided to get marriedand have the ceremony there. Now again, Mishael is going above andbeyond the call of duty. He has gone to the local civil registrar forme, talked to them, and verified all of the documents and everythingthat we need to be married in Ukraine. He will be translating andgetting everything notarized for me. Everything about their business istop notch and dependable. All of our letters have been translatedperfectly, the personal meetings handled very professionally, and anytask handled punctually. Right before my latest trip, I had not heardfrom Julia in a few days, and there were some questions that I waswaiting on an answer for. Mishael shot me an e-mail telling me she hadto go to her hometown for a family emergency. Now this is how good theagency is. They would take my letters and mail them to Julia and thentranslate the ones she mailed back. The level of concern and effort bythem is unmatched. They are genuinely concerned about their customersand their girls. Some of the girls that I met on my first trip toKharkov even told me how much they liked the Mordinsons. Trust me, youwill never hear that from a girl about any other agency. I am lucky andhappy to have used their services, and will continue to use them. Juliais continuing her English lessons and there are documents to get sentto them and translated before I return. I look forward to my next trip,of course, but they have made my trips to Kharkov even better than whatI could have imagined. I wish that I had used their services earlier. Ihave already recommended them to someone who made a trip to Kiev anddid not have the best experience. One can not go wrong with theMordinson agency.Kirk

North Carolina


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