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Des'eree - you read these stories everyday----you never get your fill. you read the same ones over and over searching for new stories as well. you romantic you....

You eat cheerio's for breakfast, with grape or apple juice, you hide the sky behind a 25 year old smile. I have known you for 3 years, and been with you for 2, and all that I can think of is just marrying you.

Your favourite show is friends, and you love to hear Chicago, your idol is your mother, and your dog is named Ms. Katie. I bought her for you for x-mas. you graduated in 1994------and I met you senior year in college at a little bar right down from school. we laugh about naming our son Brian, and our daughter Jaime- or Kyra. I think about you all the time. I know every little fact.

Once I got my jeep stuck in the mud, and you came in your accord, and hunted me down for hours. We kissed, and made love in the rain that night. well, I love you, and I want to marry you..



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